What is the importance of after sales service? Why you must include it in your marketing strategy?

After-sales service concept

Definition – What is the meaning of after-sales service? After-sales support service is a process that is provided after a good or service has been sold to a customer. Most after-sales services include a guarantee, upgrade, repair service, use training, money-back guarantee, or replacement in the event of damage or defects, and after-sales service includes a wide range of services that meet consumers’ needs, and are designed to assist customers in Using the product correctly, which may lead to repeat the purchase process by the target customer and make him a loyal customer of the company.

The different types of after sales support consist of the following:

    Technical support / help desk

    Customer support

    Maintenance service

    Support forums

After sales

Many companies and agencies spend millions on marketing programs such as advertisements, discounts and contests, but they turn their backs on the customer after he pays the value of the product and as if he has fallen into a trap, so the sweet promises begin to evaporate! And many agencies and companies lose their customers because of the modesty of after-sales services that turn into open exploitation represented in high maintenance prices and modest interest in the customer after the customer was caught, forgetting the financial costs that they spent until they acquired this customer.

For example, I no longer trust the agency that sold me a video camera because the maintenance department insisted that I pay 750 riyals to fix a minor defect, claiming the need to replace three parts. I also dismissed a class of electrical appliances when the maintenance department insisted on paying 150 riyals for a maintenance worker order for a device whose value is new and 450 riyals regardless of the type of malfunction, which prompted me to repair it in the market for only thirty riyals! As for the agency that promised a comprehensive guarantee for the car for five years, it broke its promise because I did not perform all the periodic maintenance stages in its workshop, which would have cost me more than the value of repairing what broke down in the car, so I decided to go to another agency to buy a new car!

After-sales service policies with some examples

A salesman named Joy, who works in the automotive business, sold more than any other seller every year for eleven years in a row, but every year he sold twice as much as any seller who came in second place! And his motto was that the sale begins after the sale and not before it, as he sends to his customers at least thirteen thousand ID cards every month, and Joey’s clients do not forget it and he does not let them forget it. Joy says: When the customer returns for the sake of service, I fight ferociously for him in order to get the best service … and he cares about every client as an independent human being, they are not the same or just individuals. As for Jordan Smith, he quotes Watson, the head of the MEMOREX company, who attended a meeting with twenty sales managers to analyze customers’ problems, relying on numerous reports identifying the source of the problem from a technical and manufacturing point of view. One is that some of us are not paying enough attention to clients and have turned away from the meeting! As for IBM, it made its customers cherish it because of its high-quality service. This is a customer who says: The last time we had a problem with the computer we use within hours an army of experts from IBM came in every direction. Eight experts came to solve one problem, four from Europe, one from Canada and another from Latin America. They were working in their sites and flew to us the moment they were called! As for the vice president of marketing at IBM, he used to say that we keep IBM branches small in size and have a maximum of 100 people in order to maintain a direct and intimate relationship with customers, and employees’ remuneration depends on customer satisfaction, which is measured every month! Its annual turnover is $ 2 billion and a huge share of the food commodity market. This was not because of the product management system or advertisements, but because of the army of marketers of 10,000 men. Selling aims to serve the level of 99.5%. The company bears expenses that are not economically justified, for example, it bears hundreds of dollars to send a truck to a store that needs two boxes of potato chips for one price.

As for the stories of the salesmen in this company, they are numerous. Including going in bad weather conditions to deliver one box of potatoes or helping the shopkeeper rearrange his shop after an accident or an air storm, so the messages sent by the shopkeepers carry indescribable feelings of loyalty to this company. As for the factory manager, he rushes to work additional shifts to fulfill a customer’s request and If the cost was higher than the return because the goal was not the direct profit margin but the long-term customer loyalty.

These are not secreting, but rather advice that is provided free of charge to everyone who has a customer who wishes to keep it, and that the task of real selling begins after the financial sale!

The discounts and offers may attract many customers, but the main motivation for their continuation with this company or moving to its competitors is the extent of customer interest, the speed of interaction with his problems, and the provision of after-sales service with appropriate quality and value.

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