The advantages and disadvantages of both long-term and short-term projects

Advantages of working on long-term projects

The primary benefit of a long term project is the monetary reward. Long term work allows you to financially plan and meet your home and business needs. Having a known financial variable is valuable for a freelancer and provides many cash flow benefits.

More financial stability and security – as you get paid regularly for the duration of the project.

You can build a close working relationship with the client, which increases the likelihood that you will get more work from him in the future.

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With time, you will be able to understand the customer and their needs, enabling you to do a better job for them.

You have the opportunity to socialize with colleagues from the company’s work team.

The sensation of thinking of a task can be pleasant or painful. This is where your brain predicts how rewarding the future after finishing the tasks will be. If it’s not pleasant, after a time, you start to feel a bit stuck without motivation to go on.

Long haul ventures can move you to figure out how to show restraint.

These undertakings have an alternate way of working, and from the beginning, you’ll feel that there isn’t a lot of room for hurrying things. Utilize that to deal with yourself.

You can commend your prosperity all the more regularly.

Set your achievements, make more modest objectives through the venture and utilize that to confirm what you have done as such far, or, check whether you need to change the working course in an unexpected way. That is something you can’t have on more modest activities.

Utilize the chance of being critical to the task.

There are numerous advantages you can acquire over the long haul; From being a tutor to newcomers, to the chance to be the person who will execute the updates and intrigue the customers.

The negatives of working on long-term projects

If you don’t agree with the client and your relationship with them worsens, you will have to stop and quit before the project is finished.

You do not have time flexibility, so you will not be able to work on other projects.

If the customer doesn’t pay, you lose a lot more than if you were working on a small project.

Your work will become less diversified and can get boring.

Advantages of working on short term projects

Your time will be more flexible, as you can easily accommodate more projects or increase your workload when necessary.

Clients will know they can count on you, because you’ll always be available for a quick project or business.

You will have diversity in your business.

The negatives of working on short-term projects

You will spend more time searching for job opportunities and writing job offers.

It will be difficult to predict your business size.

Your income will be unstable.

Projects are not acceptable to work with at all

When you start working as a freelancer, what worries you most is that you will not be able to get a job, which gives you a feeling that you must agree to any project offered to you, or that you must submit a proposal for any project that meets you, so that you do not have to spend weeks and months without a job, but the problem lies The truth is that you end up with inappropriate projects.

It may sound strange, but if you want to succeed as a freelancer, you will have to turn down some opportunities and accept others that are a perfect fit for your skills or that may upgrade them.

If you accept projects, but are not confident about choosing them or feel hesitant in front of them, then you may eventually feel dissatisfied with your work and become frustrated because you are doing something that does not suit you.

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