How to start profit from selling courses

1. Select topics that you can do a course on

Research your interests and things that you spend time on, and you can cooperate with one of your friends or relatives, for example if you have a relative who knows how to cook, you can cooperate with him, as he prepares the content and you arrange it and throw it in English … Think outside the box a little.

2. Register on the Udemy website and start searching

Search the Udemy website for the topics you identified in the previous step, see if there are courses on these topics and the nature of the content provided.

In this step, you will find some topics that you may not be able to compete with, and you will also find topics that have a shortage and you can cover, or topics that do not have high quality courses … All of these are very good opportunities for you.

3. Start creating course videos professionally

We have created a comprehensive guide that explains “How to Create a Professional Video” with all the necessary methods and tools, whether you are going to photograph yourself or your computer screen.

I advise you to review it, then choose the type of videos that fit the topic you have chosen and start immediately.

4. Read the udemy website guidelines

On the Udemy website you will find great advice and information, which will help you in drafting and dividing the course in a way that helps you increase your sales.

Tips to increase profit from selling courses

Start with the simplest topics you can take a course on, and with time you can develop the content itself.

You should focus on creating a good introduction to the course that attracts interested people and encourages them to buy the course, as this is a very important step.

Try to publish your course for free at first in order to get some reviews, which will help increase the percentage of sales in the future.

Take advantage of Facebook groups to promote your course as soon as it is launched.

After achieving your first profits, I advise you to invest in purchasing this course, which will help you improve the courses you offer and develop yourself.

If you think that the English language may be a hindrance in front of you, I advise you to review the “English Learning Guide”, which will help you master this important language in scientific, practical ways as soon as possible.

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