How to start earning on print on demand sites

1. Choose the niche

If you do not know what a niche is, I advise you to review the article “Concepts of Profiting from the Internet,” which will explain to you a lot of information and terms that you need, regardless of the field in which you will work.

In short, the niche is the area or category that you will target, for example you can make designs for pets t-shirts or designs that target engineers … and so on.

My advice to you is to choose a niche according to your interests or global trends, especially in America (new series – incidents and demonstrations – sayings of politicians) and others.

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This is because most of the companies working in this field are directed to foreigners, especially America, and it is the market that you should focus on.

2. Create your designs with the simplest tools

Do not worry if you are not good at designing, you can initially rely on textual designs, such as the one you find in the picture below.

You can easily make these designs and others on your own, and you will find it in our list of the best photo design software; We have prepared a lot of free online programs and tools that help you with this.

If you want to learn how to use the most popular design software such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, I recommend that you check out Daniel Walter Scott’s courses, which are the best way for beginners to become a professional in design.

If you are a professional or love design, this is your chance to make more than wonderful income from the Internet for free.

3. Register an account on the most famous printing sites upon request

The most popular sites that are suitable for beginners to profit from this field are:

    Teespring site

    Merch By Amazon

    Redbubble website

You will find all registration information, and how to put your designs in the correct way, explained in detail when you visit any of the previous sites.

4. Promote your designs through social media

You may not need to promote your designs, especially if they are designed for a specific category. Anyone who visits these sites to search for t-shirts for example for engineers can find your design.

But it is preferable that you promote your designs in the beginning in order to achieve profits in the fastest time, and I think that the best appropriate way is to market through Facebook and Instagram pages.

For example, you can create a special account to post jokes and funny pictures in your niche (such as the engineers niche), and you publish your designs from time to time, and put the design purchase link in your account description or in the comments.

Tips to increase profit from print on demand sites

    Never give up and keep trying different designs, and be aware that first sales may take some time.

    The more designs you publish, the greater the chance of making sales.

    Try to place your design on the various products available on each site.

    After making profits, invest in improving your designs themselves by collaborating with a professional designer from the Fiverr platform.

    You can then publish your best-selling designs on the global Etsy website, or easily create your own online store through an e-commerce platform, like Shopify Global.

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