How to Start a photography business in Nigeria.


Photography is one skill that those who know are making the best out of it and earning money from it. In our society today, it is a booming business that has both young and old venturing into it and I can tell you that it is only those who know their way around it that are earning as much as they should.

Are you interested in running a successful photography business in Nigeria? If yes then you should check out these steps below 👇

1.Know the type of photography you want to do.

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Most photographers fail to know this and struggle with their business while trying out a whole lot of genres instead of sticking to one and focusing on it. Shooting all types of photography will not let you build a consistent roster for clients that you can rely on. Know the type of photography you want and tailor everything around it and in that way you can appeal more to your customers. You don’t want to be a jack of all trades and master of none.

 2.Map out a business plan

A business plan contains a detailed description of your business and how it will be which includes stuff like cash flow and expenses. Every serious-minded business owner has a plan written somewhere for their business. You should too.

3. Have the right gears

  • camera,
  • lens,
  • lighting, and
  • other accessories

should serve perfectly well for your chosen type of photography. Have the right gears that will deliver perfectly to your client’s satisfaction.

4.Register your business

Invest in proper registering of your business with the government. Whether you choose to do photography as a full-time business or a side hustle registering your business makes account op opening, sales tax, and income tax easier. Your business is recognized by the government when it is registered.

5. Fix your price

How much are your services worth?  You should have a price for the services you are rendering.  Would you prefer to be paid per hour you spend shooting or by how many copies of photos your client needs?

#5,000 for 30minutes?

5 copies of the photo for #5000? Fix your price and stick to it. What is a business without a price structure?

6. Create a website

Having a website makes it possible for you to showcase your work and organize interest in your photography business. It’s a digital world, your website should be easily accessed by your clients. This is an asset to your photography business, utilize it.

Having all this in mind, do not forget to network. Connect with other photographers, join forums and clubs. As a new business, you need to get close to people. They need to know about your business as this will help your business bloom.

7. Establish a social media presence. Facebook might be a good option, but you might want to lean towards one of the more visual social media channels like Instagram. Remember to keep any of the platforms you choose active and updated.

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