How to Profit from the Internet for Free (10 Easy Ways for Beginners)

1. Profit from e-commerce through social media

When was the last time you – or one of your relatives or acquaintances – bought anything through:

    WhatsApp groups

    Telegram groups

    Instagram pages

    Groups or Facebook pages

    Facebook Marketplace

    Free selling platforms (such as OLX , Jiji)

This method has become very popular, and a lot of people rely on it to get good products at excellent prices, and the multiplicity of shipping companies has reduced the cost of shipping to anywhere due to competition.

You can also meet personally with the seller, and pay him after you receive the product and make sure of its quality. All this made profit from the Internet for free through e-commerce via social media easier than ever.

2. Profit from Print on Demand (POD) sites

We can never talk about how to profit from the Internet for free, nor do we mention the field of Print On Demand, which is considered one of the best fields for beginners.

If you did not know, printing on demand is one of the branches of e-commerce, in which products that can be printed on are sold, such as:




    Mugs and water bottles

    The bags

Throw pillow

And many more .

 The designs chosen by the buyer are printed on the product he wants upon completion of the purchase process, and the buyer can also upload his own design to be printed on any product he wants.

There are a lot of sites and companies that provide this service, so all you have to do is to put your designs and start promoting them, and leave the printing and shipping process for these companies.

There are a very large number of people who are looking for distinctive products, and this is what you should exploit for you to profit from the field of printing on demand.

3. Profit from selling images and designs

There are a lot of people looking for professional photos and Illustrations from all over the world, and contrary to what you think, this field is easier than you think.

You do not need a professional camera, or to be a skilled photographer or professional designer to start in this field, all you need is a good phone, and some simple information about editing photos.

The advantage that many beginners do not know is that photo selling sites have a great shortage of photographs for the Middle East, and this is what you have to exploit.

4. Profit from selling courses (it is simpler than you can imagine)

If you go to Udemi – which is one of the best online course sites – and search in the different course sections, you will find topics such as (design – programming – cooking – drawing – writing – marketing – self-development) and others.

If you enter any section, you will find yourself many and many courses that people buy daily … even if they explain something simple, such as how to make a Moroccan tagine or how to study effectively.

The Yodimi platform is the best platform that I would recommend to anyone who loves to teach anything, is fluent in speaking English understandably, and wants to profit from the Internet for free.

5. Profit from making videos on YouTube

One of the best ways to profit from the Internet, which is suitable for almost anyone, regardless of their age, experience, or hobbies, is profit from YouTube.

That is why we have here all the information you need to start your journey in the world of YouTube: starting with creating a channel, linking it to an AdSense account, achieving the conditions, receiving profits, all the way to how to increase views and promote the channel effectively.

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