How to get started earning on Medium

1. Register an account on Medium

Registering the account as a writer is very simple, and it is similar to registering an account on Facebook, all you have to do is upload a picture for the profile and a picture for the cover, and write some words about you for the followers.

2. Search for topics that suit you

In general, visitors to Medium’s blog prefer the following content types:

Personal experiences (case study – educational experience – testing a specific tool or program personally) and others.

Statistics and information collected.

Practical explanations that explain something in detail.

New technology and information.

For this, search the platform well for the topics you are interested in, and want to write about, and see how they are circulated on the blog, and how you can write different content than what is available.

3. Subscribe to the appropriate Medium Publications

You can liken Medium Publications to Facebook pages, as they are pages specialized in specific areas (sports – entrepreneurship – programming – and others), and many members of the blog follow them.

You have to subscribe and follow these different pages. You can also ask their managers to publish your articles among their followers, so that your articles reach more visitors and thus increase your profits.

4. Promote your articles in all possible ways

You should promote your articles by all means on social media, especially Facebook groups and the Reddit platform, and with time, the number of your followers will increase on the Medium platform, especially if you are constantly posting good content.

All of this will increase your earnings, and you will find that your old articles are read frequently, and you will find yourself getting extra income every month.

Tips for increasing your writing profit on Medium

Specialize in a specific niche and try to target a specific audience.

Write regularly and dedicate a portion of your time to improving and promoting your previous writing.

You can use your articles to profit from affiliate marketing as well.

Profiting from the Medium platform is a very good area and a good opportunity to profit from the Internet, so we will soon publish a complete guide that is more detailed with practical examples and the profits that you can achieve.

So, if you are interested in this field specifically, let us know in the comments so that we can publish this guide as soon as possible.

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