How to create profitable and convincing ads? (The most important qualities of a successful advertisement)

Very few people realize what makes advertising persuasive today, and very few business owners know how to perceive whether advertising is profitable or not. And what are the most important characteristics of a successful advertisement?

Most of the people who write and create ad content do not have the slightest idea of ​​the factors that make ads successful. I am not talking about those who work in large agencies – although many of them do not know either – I am talking mainly about those who make your ads for you, I am talking about that person who works for the newspaper or commercial magazine where you collect your ad, or that air anchor in Your own private radio station that writes ads when not live, and then performs it with her voice too. I’m also talking about frustrated managers who work in big advertising agencies or in small, co-opened stations, I mean the inexperienced woman in marketing who used to work as a receptionist, but over time she rose to become the director of the marketing department, and the technical writer you promoted to become the writer of your ads. It’s only because … he can write. These are the people who design ads that rarely succeed, and this is your fault, as you hired them.

Now that I have made you angry, let me tell you that there is hope, none of these people have bad intentions. In fact, the opposite is true, they want you to make money, so let’s show them how to do this. In this chapter, I’ll show you a great way to design successful ads. There are two steps to making compelling and profitable ads:

How to create profitable and convincing ads?

    Create attention-grabbing ads that show a compelling story.

    Measure the efficiency of your ads.

Instead of giving you a complete lesson on how to write a perfect advertisement, or providing you with a long list of words that help to sell more than other words, I will do something better with you. That you create today. I’ll show you how to get the information you need to have in order to make your ads effective. These principles apply to print ads, radio, television, and Internet ads, signs, billboards, and advertisements that arrive via direct mail, and even to your messages addressed to customers when they wait on the phone. If you take these principles seriously and apply them to your advertising and marketing model, you will be able to dominate your market faster, better, and at a lower cost than your competitors.

Before getting into the matter, I want to talk to you in more detail about why the idea of ​​hiring your advertising agent or their team failed to design your ads. Think about the huge amount of ads that these people are responsible for designing every day, they are responsible for creating hundreds of ads for your competitors.

Here’s how it works when an ad agent gets your ad:

The advertising agent or copywriter in the office will ask you about a few important points that you want to clarify. Usually these points are about the quality that you provide, about your service, your working hours, and the right place for you. They will also want you to set a special selling price that helps in running Business, then they start writing the ad.

Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine that you are tasked with writing dozens of advertisements a day for a large number of businesses, some of them from your competitors, and some of them require a great deal of thought, and some of them must be thought of, but this will not happen. What will happen? Certainly, you will think carefully for a few minutes, then you will think about all the other ads that you have written, and make sure of the best phrases, ideas and offers and put them together in a new advertisement … which is your ad. Is this really what you want?

It is easy to anticipate the consequences of this method of course, and it will not be convincing at all, so what will happen instead is that your ad will look like your competitor’s ad, which will cause one of two things, either your ad will be lost among the rest of the messages that are He is competing against it, or he will support your competitor’s message if his ads are more frequent and more consistent than yours.

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