How does the Freelancer site work, and how do you choose your first project on it

In this part, we will explain the steps involved in making a Freelancer site, through which you can understand how to choose your first project.

1- The project owner submits the project

It is he who determines the title of the project, and a description of the project he wants, determines the skills that must be available to achieve the project, and also determines the size of the project and accordingly, the minimum and maximum cost of the project are determined.

2- You as a freelancer enter the projects page

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You Kafri Lancer looking to complete the projects search the site for the appropriate projects, in order to access the projects that are in your skill space, click on the browse button at the top left, then click on the Projects option,

3-You as a Freelancer browse and filter projects to choose what suits you best

After clicking on the Project button in the previous step, you will be taken to a page that contains many suitable projects for you.

You will find that this page is divided into two parts: the larger part on the right has the right projects for you, and the part on the left has options for filtering projects (such as setting a specific average price, changing the language, or skill).

4-You visit the project page that suits you best and participate in the bidding process

On the page that is in the picture above, you will find a lot of information about each project, but to bid on a project, you must go to the project page (by clicking on its title to open it in a new page).

On the project page you will find more data about the project, and you will find a blue button “Bid on This Project”, click on it and enter the required information, then click the Place Bid button at the bottom of the page.

Now you have to wait until the owner of your project decides your choice to complete the project, of course you can bid in more other projects.

5-Build an online portfolio

One thing a client looks for in a potential freelancer is whether you’ll be able to deliver. If you’re new to freelancing, there’s a 90% chance you’ll lose out on projects to a more experienced freelancer. After all, clients are spending a lot of money on their projects, and they want every penny to count.

Occasionally, though, a prospective client doesn’t just choose the most experience freelancer, but instead spends the time to review the profiles of other freelancers who offered to work at a lower rate.

Now you have a chance to convince the client that you are worth a try.

To make a great impression with the client, you need to have a convincing portfolio.

By portfolio, I don’t mean one with a lot of showy graphics and design. Good portfolios use a simple design and show off the best work you have done. If you have worked on some big projects at your daily job, put up some screen shots and a description of the project.

Don’t brag too much–just be clear and to the point.

6-Work for free

Beginning freelancers face a tough dilemma: To get projects, you need to have a reputation based on projects you’ve already completed. But since you’re starting from zero, you have no projects and no reputation.

So how do you start to build your reputation?

When you find yourself in this position, your main objective should be building your reputation, rather than getting paid. This will help you gain some experience, make some new contacts and begin to build your portfolio.

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