8 things that reduce your focus at work that you may not even pay attention to

If you are someone who sits for long hours working on your computer like millions around the world and suffers from lack of focus and consuming more time in the implementation of your tasks or your work, then this article may help you in paying attention or paying attention to several things that you miss while working and reduce your focus.

Uncomfortable work space: You must choose a comfortable work space in terms of colors, the space you work in, the lighting, the level of the office height and other details that may affect your comfort, as the lighting is not good in the workplace or the color annoys the eye or the office height is not Suitable enough to reduce your focus and your desire to work

An uncomfortable chair:

An uncomfortable chair with hours of work on the computer will force you to take several breaks from uncomfortable sitting, which will reduce your focus and cause physical troubles that impede your continued work, so make sure to choose a comfortable chair.

A dirty screen:

 A dirty screen that is full of stains, for example, is enough to tire your eyes and reduce your focus, so make sure to clean the screen frequently, and you must also make sure to choose a good screen that does not have problems that affect your eyes.

A crowded office:

An office crowded with different things and tools can distract you and thus reduce your focus, so make sure to remove from your office all the things that may be distracting you.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks:

 Social networks are a great way to communicate and express ideas, but be careful not to use them or interact with them while working on a task, and it is preferable that you turn off the alerts received from them, as each new alert will arouse your curiosity and then you will interact with it, which will make you consume More time in completing the task you are working on, and you can browse social networks for a short time between one task and another.

Working on more than one task at the same time:

 You may have capabilities that enable you to complete more than one task at the same time or switch between one task and another, but that will definitely reduce your focus and reduce your productivity.

Not writing a list of tasks:

Writing a list of tasks that you must perform the next day at the end of each workday will help you a lot in completing your tasks and focus on them better, and allocate some time before bed thinking about these tasks.

A Negative Mental Attitude:

Having a negative attitude affects your day in so many ways, including prohibiting your ability to focus. If your mind is wrapped up in worrying about how your life isn’t going as planned, or why things are so awful at home, you’re not going to be able to concentrate to your best ability on things that need to get done right in front of you.

There is an easy way to temporarily overcome this, though: Take a few minutes to chat with someone you trust about why you’re feeling down. Being able to vent helps get the feeling out in the open and off your chest. Even if your problems aren’t resolved, you’ll at least be able to breathe a bit easier.

Not Getting Enough Sleep:

Are you ever nearly falling asleep at your desk in the middle of a weekday morning thinking, “How am I possibly going to get through the rest of this day?” You’re not the only one. Lack of sleep often leads to a treacherous day at work. One of the primary downsides of not sleeping enough is that impairs attention and short-term memory, according to WebMD, making it not only difficult to get through the day, but nearly impossible to focus on and complete a given task.

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