3 sites you should spend more time on than Facebook

If you are an Internet user who spends a lot of time using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks without a specific goal, communicate with friends for example, if you are someone who is waiting for new updates from friends and the pages he follows on Facebook and who are bored of Friends’ Posts Repeatedly, here are three helpful sites you should spend more time on than Facebook and other social networks.

Facebook is implanted into lives around the globe. We use it to associate with companions, share significant achievements, and check in with the news. Notwithstanding, what may seem like innocuous looking over can get unsafe in the event that it occupies excessive measures of time and transforms into a Facebook habit.

The initial step to bringing an end to any unfortunate propensity is to comprehend the indications and mental triggers that made you get the propensity in any case. Underneath you’ll locate the basic causes, and fortunately, whenever you’ve distinguished them, you can actualize explicit techniques to get over your Facebook habit.

Manifestations of a Facebook Addiction

Do you locate that the primary thing you do when you awaken is snatch your telephone and look through Facebook? Is it the exact opposite thing you see prior to nodding off? You may have a Facebook compulsion. Here are some a greater amount of the signs and symptoms[1]:

You wind up going through hours on Facebook, in any event, when you don’t intend to.

You use Facebook to get away from issues or change your mind-set.

You rest later in light of the fact that you’re stuck to your screen.

Your connections are enduring in light of the fact that you invest more energy on your telephone than you do chatting with the individuals you care about.

You naturally pull out your telephone when you have extra time.

3 sites you should spend more time on than Facebook

1- Quora

A questions and answers site, founded in 2009, is considered one of the most useful websites on the Internet, as it allows users to ask questions in the fields they want and answer questions posed by others, and unlike search engines, you will find on Quora answers from experts and answers bearing real experiences, for example, if You asked about working conditions at Google, and you will find answers from many current and former employees of the company, and you will not be surprised if you ask a question about the establishment of the founder of Wikipedia and find him answering your question himself, as Quora uses many public figures, presidents and founders of companies, if you are looking for answers to questions not Find her answers through search engines, and Quora will guarantee you just that.

Quora can be browsed on desktop devices, and the official app for both Android and iPhone phones can be downloaded.

2- TED

The TED site contains thousands of talks from a group of conferences held around the world with the aim of spreading ideas that deserve to be spread. Through the site, you can watch short video clips in several fields such as education, technology, etc. The videos are divided into several categories including genius, informative or inspiring videos, and from The advantages of the site are that it provides translations in Arabic for most conversations or video clips, the amount of knowledge provided by the site is invaluable. If you have time to waste on social networks, use it by watching the videos on the TED site and you can download the TED application on your phone, which allows downloading the videos to watch later without Internet connection.

3- Reddit

An entertaining social network that allows members to post links, pictures, text posts, and debate about it. It is considered one of the most popular sites in the United States and the world. There are many communities specialized in specific fields on the site and there is a community hosting celebrities to answer members ’questions.

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