how to start a print on demand business

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Learn step by step guide on how to start a print on demand business.

Some few months ago, I came across an awesome online business idea which I have already started and taught it would be best to share it with everyone that is not aware of it.

I really love this business because it is something that resonates with everyone with lots of audience to target and it also helps me to be more creative.

What kind of business you may ask?

This business is far different from blogging or affiliate marketing (my favorite online businesses) and is very profitable but it focuses more on designs.

I am talking about Print on Demand

What Is Print On Demand?

Print on Demand is an online business where you create designs and input them on T-shirts (Mock-up) for people to buy.

T-Shirt is one of the most comfortable wears anyone can put on at any day and time. This makes it a profitable business to venture into.

Now for someone to start a T-shirt printing business you would need to invest a lot of money to buy a plain T-Shirt, equipment’s and find a way to get you T-Shirt to your customers but the good part of starting a print on demand business is that all the hard work has been taken care off.

Running a print on demand business is very fun as all you have to do is create designs and market your designs. When I mean creating your own designs, it doesn’t have to be something out of this world. It can be as simple as putting words on T-Shirt.

I must also point out that print on demand does not only applies to T-Shirts, but you can also input your designs on mugs, phone pouch, Pillows and so on.

This business is passive in the sense that once your design is ready and you promote it, you can keep making money even while you sleep.

When starting a print on demand business, you can either decided to choose a particular niche or go general.

For example, if you love riding bicycles, you can start designing different T-Shirts that other bicycle lovers can buy and you make a commission.

If you are interested in starting a print on demand business here are what you need to do.

What To Do First

If you are interested in starting a print on demand business, the first thing you would have to do is create your designs. Don’t be scared, it’s not that difficult.

When it comes to creating designs there are different software’s you can use to do that. Software’s such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are great for creating designs. For me, I prefer using Adobe Illustrator as it makes it easy for me to save my designs in a transparent format.

If you find it difficult to use these software’s, you can get a freelancer to help you create one. There are so many websites you can hire freelance designers to help you out such as Fiverr and Upwork.

If you decide to focus on text-based T-Shirts, you would not really need to hire a freelance designer for that as the Print on Demand websites allows you to input text and clipart.

The truth is you don’t need any experience to start this business.

What To Do Next

After you have created some designs, the next steps you should take is to sign up for print on demand websites. This print on demand websites provides you with a platform with plain mock-up T-Shirts and a store where you can input your designs and start selling them.

There are lots of print on demand websites that you can use and my favorites are Teesprings, PRINTFUL, PRINTIFY and Merch by Amazon.

While using Teesprings and Merch by Amazon you can get a free store just like an e-commerce store where you can upload all your designs and start selling for free.

If you intend to use Printful and Printify you will have to create a store from Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and link them together. While creating a store with Etsy and eBay, you will be required to a small amount of money to upload your product. Each product cost $0.50 which is approximately ₦183.  

Start Promoting

After creating your designs and uploading them to your mockups in your store you can start promoting them using the various social media platforms and paid adverts.

I have found out that Facebook and Instagram are the best places to showcase your designs.

When it comes to how much you can make from print on demand you can choose how much you like. For example when creating a mock-up and you put your price at $25 your gain may range from $9 to $11 per sale.

This is a business opportunity I believe every youth should consider going into.

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