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In this article, I will be highlighting 7 of the best blogging niches that new bloggers can go into and start making money.

It is no news that blogging is one of the oldest and most lucrative online businesses anyone can start and if you are consistent, you would be able to turn it into a full-time income stream.

Though it is estimated that there are over 500 million blogs in the world and this might discourage people from starting a blog but I can tell you that blogging is still profitable and you can succeed as a new blogger if you are serious and follow the right principles.

One of the challenges I faced when starting my various blogs was to pick a particular niche to focus on.

I was into everything from tech to entertainment and so fort and because I was not specific I had to shut down most of the blogs I earlier started.

The first step to succeeding as a new blogger is to pick the right niche you want to blog about.

What Is A Niche?

A niche can simply be described as a specific area of focus. For example, if you love animals and would like to start a blog on animals instead of you going general you can focus on starting a blog about dogs. A dog blog is a niche

I have found out over the years that the blogs that make much money tend to focus on one niche.

With these, you would be able to focus on providing your readers with high-quality contents unlike when you go for a broader niche.

How Can I Make Money From A Niche Blog?

There are various ways a person starting a niche blog can make money. I will highlight some of the ways below.

Display Ads: This is one of the ways a person can make money from their niche blog. This involves you signing up to add networks such as Google Adsense, Propellerads, Media.net and so on. Once you are approved, you get a code that can be placed on your blog. You start generating money when someone clicks on the ads on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing: This is another great way to make money from a niche blog. As an affiliate marketer, you earn a commission from selling other people’s products and services. For example, if you are into the dog niche, you sign up for Amazon or jumia affiliate program where you get a customized link to any dog-related items that you place around your blog so when someone buys any of that product using your link you get a commission.

Sell Own Product: For anyone just starting out, I suggest you focus on the first two monetization methods for a while. When you become very good at your niche, you can create a product that people can buy from your blog. When I talk of your own product, I don’t mean it has to be something big, it can be as simple as a 30-page ebook on your niche.

Among the three methods, creating your own products provides much money because with display ads and affiliate marketing you get a percentage of the total amount but with your own products, you make the whole money.

Here are 7 Niche Ideas to choose from

Business Niche

This is one of the niches everybody is interested in as everyone wants to make more money. Under the business niche, you can focus on how to start a small business in your environment or how to make money online. Though the beauty of this niche is that you can merge both together to form one niche.

Another sub-niche under the business niche is personal finance. You can as well start a blog to teach people how to save and manage their money.

If you are good in marketing you can also start a blog to teach people how to use the different marketing means to promote their businesses.

Health Niche

Like the popular saying “health is wealth” starting a health blog is very profitable. Since everyone needs to be conscious of their health and if you have what it take to help them you can start a health blog. Under the Health Niche, you can start a blog on fitness, weight loss, baby care or health in general.

Entertainment Niche

This is another niche that is also very profitable as there are different sub-niche under it. If you love music as I do, you can start a blog on music where you post the latest news and songs released and people can download from your blog. You can as well start a movie blog or a gaming blog.

Sport Niche

One of the niches anyone can go into and make money despite how crowded it is is the sporting niche. This niche is so broad that for you to succeed you will have to niche down. If you are a lover of football, you can start a soccer news/fixture blog. Other sub-niche includes basketball, running, etc.

Lifestyle Niche

Lifestyle refers to the general activities of human beings. There are lots of sub-niches under the lifestyle niche which includes beauty (how to makeup, fix nails, hair, etc). If you love fashion you can as well start a fashion blog. Other ideas include pet niche, parenting niche, food niche.

Travel Niche

This is one niche that lots of people have not tapped into most especially in Nigeria. If you love to travel around the world you can start a travel blog. Even if you don’t travel around the world, you can start a blog that shows people the different fun places in your state or any other state you travel to.

Technology Niche

This is one of my favorite niches as there are lots of areas to focus on. Under the technology niche, you can start a blog that focuses on the latest tech news, software, gadgets, etc. Starting a car review blog is also a great idea.

Now you can pick from this list of niches and start your very own blog.

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