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The usefulness of using video as a good marketing strategy has become popular making top brands and companies adopt it as a means to market and interact with their customers online.

With that said, in the era that we are now making money online is the in-thing and one of the fastest and most reliable way to make money online is by creating videos and uploading them on YouTube.

YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine on the internet with over 1.5 billion monthly users and more than 100 million videos posted on the platform on a monthly basis. This platform not only allows you share your videos but also provides a medium for people to make extra cash.

In fact there are some pro YouTubers that have turned their YouTube channel into a full time income. There are different ways you can makes money from this platform which includes Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, sponsorships by top brands etc. 

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The fact that YouTube allows people post all kinds of videos does not mean you will succeed using the platform. For you to actually succeed on YouTube you will have to focus on a particular niche.

There are many niches to choose from when it comes to making videos for YouTube but today we will be focusing on a particular niche that I personally love and is not too common but generates lots of money and it is no other than starting a Product Review YouTube Channel.

Why I am really fascinated about this niche is the fact that it has the capacity to generate income from all manners of monetization methods (as listed above) YouTube offers unlike most other niches.     

You see before most people finally makes up their mind on a particular product to purchase, they first go online to get more information about the product before buying it and this is where you come in as a product reviewer.

I am sure by now you are wondering what type of product you can review? Well let me start by saying that reviewing products is one of the easiest thing to do. Lets say you just bought a new phone or you know someone that just got a new gadget or makeup kit, it is as simple as you using your phone or a camera to video the gadget and talk about its features.

You can show people how it looks like in the packet and how to use it.

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When it comes to product review it is not necessary that you must be seen as only your hands can do the trick so if you are as shy as I am this is what you should consider doing.

There are different things you can do on a review channel which includes reviewing products, comparing of two or more products, giving your top five choice of a product, unboxing of a product etc. 

Without wasting much time lets jump into the steps needed to start a product review channel

Pick A Niche

You want to be as specific as you can when it comes to starting a review channel so picking a single niche to focus on is very important. Starting a review channel on YouTube can be done in almost every niche ranging from fashion, makeup, gadgets, technology, decoration etc. all you have to do is pick a niche you have passion for and focus solely on it.

Know What Your Niche Is All About

The aim of starting a product review channel should not be just to get subscribers, views and then make money but you should focus on providing useful information that will be helpful to the viewers. If you create a crap video nobody will come back to your channel a second time. This is why you have got to have enough information on the products you review.

Get The Necessary Equipment’s

There are equipment’s needed to start a review channel for you to succeed. You don’t have to break your bank to get these items. They include camera (alternative smartphone), camera stand, microphone and a screen capture software. If you are making use of your smartphones then installing A-z screen capture is what you should go for or you can as well get the OBS studio if you are using a PC.

Start Creating Videos

Once you have resolved the first two steps above its time you start creating your videos. If your focus is on gadgets chances are there are already items you can start reviewing which includes phones, laptops etc. you can make a deal with a phone shop to help them review their phones which in turn will bring customers their way and you also make a commission. Being creative and consistent is very important when it comes to starting a product review channel.

Note. Make your videos short as possible with useful information’s. A 5 minute video can work magic.

Edit Your Videos

No one is perfect so you are bound to make mistakes while shooting your videos most especially when you’re just starting out so editing your videos to remove unnecessary sounds and areas is needed. There are free software’s you can use to edit your videos and they include Movie Maker for Windows and iMovies for Apple. Learn how to use the software and start editing your videos.

Start Posting

Once your videos are ready you can start posting them on your channel. SEO is very important if you are going to get views to your channel so always make sure you use well researched keywords to title your videos. Adding a brief description of what the video is all about is very important. Meta tags are also very important for your videos and also use attractive thumbnails. You can create good looking thumbnails for free using  

Promote Your YouTube Channel

Don’t seat back and expect people to just start finding your channel, you have got to get it out there for them to see. There are different ways you can promote your channel and they include

Commenting: You can look for a bigger channel that is related to your niche and drop useful comments with a link to your channel. This way when someone reads your comment they will be eager to check your own channel.

Social Media: Through the use of social media you can draw lots of people to your YouTube channel. Sites such as Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. are great places to start from so you can build your following.

There are other ways such as forums, sharing your videos to other video sharing sites like, twitch, vimeo etc.

Monetize Your Channel

If you are just starting a new channel on YouTube, you are expected to have 4,000 views and 1,000 subscribers before Google can start displaying ads on your channel. This might take some time to achieve which makes starting out with affiliate marketing the best option until you reach Google threshold. Whatever niche you are into there are always affiliate products to promote and you can get them from Ecommerce websites like, etc. 

You will put the link to the product you want to promote on the description area so when someone clicks on it and makes a purchase you get a commission


This should not be just a onetime thing or what you do periodically, you have got to be consistent and creative if you are going to succeed in this online business

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In a subsequent video i will write on how you can get free products from manufacturers to review.

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