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The easiest and fastest way for anyone to make passive income online no matter if you have a full time job or not is through blogging.

Blogging is the in thing now when anyone thinks of making money online and if done properly, you can scale it up for it to produce a steady monthly income so you can quit your 9 to 5 job and still live the life you have always dreamt of. The mistake most people make when starting a blog is to just jump into blogging about anything without seating down and having a specific topic (niche) they want to focus on. Though most people succeed doing this but you are guaranteed higher chance of success when you specialise on a particular niche.

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When it comes to starting a blog, the one thing you should keep in mind is that “you won’t start making money immediately” most times it takes up to 4 to 6 months or even a year before you start seeing results from your blog depending on the niche you the side to blog about that is why most professional bloggers will tell you to blog about what you are passionate about.

This is true but when I sat down to think of it, I came to a conclusion that most times it is not about what you are passionate about but what the people out there (audience, traffic) are passionate about. You might be passionate about blogging about books while those out there are passionate about fashion or any other niche (Blogging about books is a great niche to go into) and we all know that when it comes to blogging it is the amount of traffic you get to your blog that determines how much money you make.

What Is A Niche

A niche can simply be described as a specific topic a person decides to give in-depth information’s about using a blog and other information on related topics. With this people can easily find you blog when they need any information about that topic. Example if you want to start a cake making blog, you can also consider writing about things related to cake making such as the equipment’s and tools needed to bake a cake.

Also remember when starting a blog should be to solve a particular problem.

If you are starting a blog and want that blog to grow, you will have to do a lot of research to see if people are interested in that niche. You will need to do a lot of keyword research. I put together a list of free keyword research tools you can use to get this done.

Even if people are interested in the niche you want to blog about, you would only be able to get consistent traffic to your blog if you put quality content. After publishing quality contents then you can start inputting display ads, affiliate links and your own products to start making money from your blog.

So with this said I would list out the best blogging niches you can start with lots of audience and make money fast.

Gadget Reviews Blog

Gadgets are the one thing people can’t do with as it is needed for our day to day life which includes phones, laptops, wrist watches, Bluetooth speakers etc. and with the ease of how it can be delivered to your door step without you leaving your house using an ecommerce website is amazing. With the rate at which new phones and gadgets are coming out for anyone to purchase an item they would want to know what they are buying.

A review blog gives people a clear idea of what so ever they want to buy. You can review a phone or any gadget and people would want to go through your review before they make up their mind to purchase that gadget. Website’s such as, are one of the best review websites out there. You can make money on review website through display ads and inputting affiliate links of the gadgets you review.

Health And Fitness

Gone are the days when people pay little or no attention to their health, these days, lots of people are searching the internet for solutions on how to lose weight, keep fit, healthy food etc. and if you create your blog to concentrate on this niche you are sure to get tons of traffic and eventually make lots of money. This niche is very sensitive as whatever information you giving to the public must have been tested to make sure it works. The fastest way to make money in this niche is to use affiliate link as when you write an article on a topic e.g. (weight loss) you can recommend a product for people to buy and when they do you get a commission.

Make Money Online

With the rate at which the Nigerian economy is going lots of people are looking for other means they can increase their income and online is one of the best places to make money. I was amazed to see the number of people that have signed up for different forums that pay you to post and comment in the forum. There are different ways you can make money online and you can create a blog around this niche. You can teach people legit ways they can make money online which includes Blogging, Vlogging, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing etc. and lots of people will visit your blog and you will sure make money from it.


Fashion is the in thing all over the world and it is estimated that the fashion industry makes over $1 billion annually as everyone wants to look good. Fashion goes beyond clothes as make up, accessories, lifestyle etc. the success of the fashion niche will be determined by how good the blogger is on fashion. Lots of people are turning to online stores to purchase their fashion accessories as it is much easier and faster so you can tap into this niche and make lots of money.

There are lots of things you can blog about in the fashion industry such as men’s fashion, women’s fashion, kids fashion, fashion accessories etc. So if you are a fashionista you should consider creating a blog around this niche.  Example of a fashion blog is


Gaming is one of the best blogging niches out there as it cuts across kids and adult, there is lots of traffic in this niche and you are guaranteed of making a lot of money with the right affiliate programs. People out there most especially young people wants to know what’s happening in the gaming world, the latest gaming news, the latest game release, and latest games that have been launched. In this niche, as long as you keep posting relevant contents to your blog and sharing on different Social Medias you are sure to drive traffic to your blog and make more money. Ecommerce websites like, and others have gaming gadgets you can post on your website so when people buy using your link you get a commission.

Personal Development

Schools don’t really teach people how to develop themselves physically, spiritually and mentally so lots of people search the internet to get information on how they can build their capacity and over some certain bad habits. Starting a personal development blog is not easy as you have to be grounded in whatever you will be teaching your readers which will make them keep coming back. You have to be specific in whatever you are writing example you can focus of teaching people how to over depression, anxiety, procrastination, etc. example of personal development blog is


The entertainment industry is booming and everyone most especially the young ones wants to always be on the know about whatever is happening in the entertainment industry both locally and internationally.  The traffic you can get from this niche is unending. The entertainment niche is broad as there are lots of things to write about from movies to music, events, gossips etc. Good news is it is very easy to start unlike other niches and requires you posting consistently so you can keep getting traffic to your blog.


Just like entertainment, sport is one of the niches you can get lots of traffic to your blog without you having to spend much money or do a lot of work. Sport cuts across football, basketball etc. but to me football still has more audience than any other sport niche.  It also requires consistent posting to keep people coming back which most times if you are not doing it full time or have a team to help you out it would be very stressful.


Not everyone can really succeed in this niche but if you travel a lot both locally and overseas you can as well document your trips by creating a travel blog. People want to know what’s happening in other places even though they can’t be there so with your travel blog, you can give them a view of other parts of the start or any country, tips and information’s that they can use to plan their next trip. There are travel bloggers out there that has lots of follows and make money from their blog example

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