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YouTube is no doubt the number one video sharing platform in the world with thousands if not millions of user every month both sharing and streaming videos which makes them stand out among other video sharing platform. With the amount of money you can make on YouTube through ads, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, sponsorship etc. people prefer to use YouTube more than any other platform.

Due to the harsh rules of YouTube that for you to be able to monetize your channel with ads,  you will have to  get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views before ads can be placed on any channel, this can be very challenging to reach most especially if you are a newbie. This is why having to look for an alternative is not a bad idea (I recommend that you still focus on building your YouTube channel while you consider other platforms).

Today I want to share with you another platform that can be used to generate income for your videos and it’s called DTube.

What Is DTube

DTube can simply be described as a decentralised video sharing platform that runs on the Steemit platform. Before I continue, let me explain what Steemit is.

What Is Steemit

Steemit is a social media website that works under the umbrella of Steem Blockchain Technology. Steem is also a crypto currency just like bitcoin, ethereum etc. Before you are granted access to use DTube, you must first have a Steemit account which will enable you log into your account using a private posting key that is made available to you when you open a Steemit account.

When using Steem, users get to earn Steem Crypto currency which can be converted to bitcoin and when sold, the money will be deposited into your local bank account or any online payment method you provide.

Back To DTube

As earlier said, DTube is a decentralized video sharing platform that works with the Steemit platform. Once you have set up your Steemit account you can then log in to D.Tube and start uploading your videos.

Once you are logged onto the DTube platform, you get to see hot, trending and watched videos that made it to the front page of the website just like YouTube and one cool thing about DTube is you also get to see how much each of the videos uploaded have been able to generate. The stress of having to wait until you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view time and YouTube having to check your videos for copyright is eliminated on

How To Log In To D.Tube Using Steemit Posting Key

Once you have successfully created and logged into your account, on the top right of your computer you will see where your username and image appears, click on it and scroll down to “wallet”. Once you have clicked on the wallet it will take you to a next page where you would find Balances, Permission and Password. Click on Permissions and you will see your posting which is the first one on the list. On the side, you will see a “Show Private Key” click on it and you will get your posting key to log into your account.

How To Make Money On DTube

Unlike YouTube that ads have to show on your videos alone to make money, DTube is an ads free website and you can earn money not only by uploading videos but by also upvoting, sharing and commenting on other peoples videos. Like I said earlier you get paid Steem Crypto-currency for every video you upload.   You get paid on DTube when your videos get upvoted (the more upvote you get will increase your Steem power). You can head over to to register and with your posting key to start uploading your videos.

Down Side Of DTube

DTube is a great website but my only issue with the website is that your earning on the website is short-term as videos can only earn for seven days so if you are to generate lots of income from the website, you will have to create lots of videos.

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