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In Nigeria today, lots of people are totally dependent on their monthly salary to survive and also cater for their families. No matter where you work and how much salary you earn per month, if you focus solely on that money to take care of your needs and that of your family after a long period of time, you will have no savings to fall back to when the need arises that is why setting up a side business that will bring in extra income is necessary.

Everybody wants to have money so they can be comfortable and be able to get the best things in life which includes building a house, buying a car, changing their wardrobe, send their kids to the best school etc. but this cannot be possible if you only depend on your monthly salary to meet your needs.

Having a full time job in Nigeria is not easy as you have to wake up early, rush out of the house so you can beat traffic to get to work and after spending 9 to 10 hours at work when you get back home you are so tired that you don’t have time to do anything for yourself not to talk of having time for your family and at the end of the month you receive a salary that may not be able to meet your needs. If you can set out time even if it’s one hour a day to focus on a side business, you can grow that business to a point where you eventually will have to quit your job to become an entrepreneur.

There is no full time job that is permanent, if you are lucky enough to get a full time job be it in the public or private sector, you will have to retire one day either after you have served 35 years or when you turn 60 you will have to leave the job (retire) so if you don’t have a side business to fall back to you will suffer.

When Nigeria went into recession in 2017, many companies could not stand the bad economy so they had to let go of some stuffs so as to be able to stay afloat, thousands of people lost their jobs and this made poverty level to increase. This is just to give you a sense of how important having a side business is in Nigeria. Even the richest people in the world don’t rely on only one source of income to survive.

Starting a side business while you have a full time job is not an easy task to embark on it requires you putting time and resources to make the business work.

Without wasting much time let’s jump into the 9 side hustle businesses you can start today and still be committed to your full time job.


The internet has provided humanity with a platform that can be used to make extra cash and also live their normal lives. Creating a blog is one of the best side businesses anyone can do. The cool thing about blogging is that it can be done anytime anywhere and does not require much to start. There are lots of Nigerians that have made and are still making millions of Naira from blogging and you can also tap into this business HOW TO START A BLOG. When it comes to blogging, picking a niche that interest you to blog about is very important be it fashion, sport, entertainment, business, etc. as it takes time to build to an extent where you will begin to make money from it. You will have to be determined and consistent to make money from blogging. There are different ways you can earn money while blogging which includes displaying advertisement on your blog, posting your affiliate links, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Starting an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria is fun as it gives you the opportunity to choose from varieties of products and services to promote. This business entails you selling other peoples items such as bags, shoes, clothes, gadgets, electronics etc. There are lots of eCommerce websites that lets you sign up as an affiliate marketer and start promoting their products. Websites like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Aliexpress etc. are good sites to start your affiliate marketing business.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you earn a commission per sale of any item. When you join these networks, you are given a custom link on any product you desire to promote which when someone buys a product using your link you get paid a fraction of the amount. Most affiliate program pays 8 to 10% of the item you sell while some pay as low as 5%. Example if you promote a product that is worth 100,000 Naira and someone buys it using your link, you get paid a minimum of 7,000 Naira per item.


Starting a freelancing business is also a smart side business you can venture into, whatever you know how to do be it writing, editing, marketing, graphic design, web design etc. you can make money doing them as a freelancer. There are people out there that needs the service you have to  offer and are willing to pay you for it. Websites like Fiverr, upwork , peopleperhour are websites that can easily connect you to such people. Depending on the freelancing job you do, you are able to make a good amount of money every month if you are consistent and know what you are doing. Being a professional in what you do is very important in freelancing business so when you do a job for someone they can come back or recommend you to someone else.

Writing A Book (eBook)

Most people these days depend on the internet to get information so as to increase their knowledge or solve a problem and you can tap into this business. The eBook business is growing massively as thousands if not millions of people download them so as to know more of something. Most people prefer eBooks to hard copy as it can be accessed easily using their laptops, smartphones and tablets so they can read at any time instead of carrying a hard copy book around. Whatever you are skilled at, you can package it into a downloaded book for people to purchase and read. Once you have being able to successfully write and eBook you can promote it on social media for people to buy or you can use the Amazon Kindle to sell your books and make money.


If there is something you are very skilled at and very passionate about be it playing any instrument, solving a mathematical equation, writing a business plan for other business etc. you can turn it into a course where you teach people one on one whether physically or online. If you must succeed in this business, you must be ready to put yourself out there, promote your brand and get people to trust you. When I first started out in my online business I did not know anything about starting an online business and needed someone to tutor and I was lucky to meet a man online which paid and he started sending me mails on a weekly basis on how to start an online business which really helped me a lot. You also can teach others in any niche you are into.


Unlike affiliate marketing where the affiliate network determines how much you earn per sale on an item Dropshipping is another route you can take to make a side business and if done well you can scale it to a multimillion naira business. When it comes to Dropshipping, you don’t need to have a product of your own all you need to do is get in contact with a manufacturer, create an ecommerce website using WordPress or shopify, list the items you want to promote on the website, add a payment method so when anyone purchase the product from your website, you send the order to the manufacturers and they do the hard work of packaging and sending the products to the customer.   In Dropshipping you determine how much you earn example if a manufacturer tell you his product is 10,000 Naira, you can put the price on you website at 15,000 Naira so when people buy you make a gain of 5,000 Naira.


Unlike blogging that requires you putting everything in writing, vlogging is solely on turning your written materials into a video. Whatever niche you decide to go into, you can make a video for people to watch and you can make money from it. Platforms like YouTube, d.tube etc. allows you upload your videos so people can watch and also make money from it.

You don’t need to have the best equipment’s to make a video, as long as there are people out there that are interested in the kind of videos you create you can use your smartphone to start creating your videos and also edit them using free software (Windows Movie Maker for Windows) before posting them online.


Everybody wants to have a picture which will serve as a memorial for any even they attended whether it’s a wedding, birthday parting, church program, picnics, school graduation etc. and as a photographer your job is to give them high quality images they can keep in their album to either show their friends, children or grandchildren.   Despite your full time job, you can successfully manage a photography business as most of the events you will have to cover will be during the weekends. The minimum a professional photographer makes from covering an event is not less than 150,000 Naira. As a photographer, you might not wait to land a job before making money; you can take random photos of people or events and sell them online or you can purchase gears needed for photography and rent them out.

Uber Driving

Instead of you only driving your car to work or any other place you wish to go to and still spend money on maintenance; you can use your car to make extra income. As an Uber driver you can make a minimum of 50,000 to 80,000 per week just driving people to various locations at your own time this business can be done after the close of work or during the weekends. All you have to do is register with Uber and get activated anytime you are ready to work.

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