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In as much as it looks like going into the Oil and Gas industry is where you can make huge amount of money, agribusiness is one of the biggest and wisest businesses anyone can consider going into as every human being needs to eat and the profit that can be gotten from this business is very high.

The agribusiness cuts across so many areas from rice, cassava, potato farming etc. to rearing of livestock’s which includes poultry, pig, fishing farming and other livestock’s around us. There are still lots of areas in this business that people have still not fully explored to make money.

In the course of this article, we will be focusing on livestock feed distribution.

Starting a livestock farming business which includes rearing of goats, pigs, horses, poultry, fish for the purpose of producing edible foods such as meat, milk, egg etc. is very essential as people needs their produce for day to day consumption. For you to be able to rear healthy animals you have to provide food for them to eat.

The production of livestock feed is also a good way to tap into the agribusiness as it involves the production of farm animal food such as fish, poultry, pig, cattle feeds which can be gotten from agricultural products like grain, maize, wheat, minerals to create a healthy feed that will nourish the livestock’s.

Starting a livestock feed production business involves a lot of work as you will have to create your own formula, get the necessary agricultural products, purchase feed machinery and equipment’s, package your feed etc. which can be expensive to start which is why most people don’t go into it but you can still tap into this business by becoming a livestock feed distributor.

When you check around your environments, you will note that a lot of people are into fish farming, poultry farming etc. whether it’s in large or small scale and they need to feed these animals. Most often, livestock feed productions industries are not found close to urban areas so as a distributor, you will be able to get the feeds closer to the people that needs it.

No matter the state you reside in Nigeria, starting this business will be profitable as it involves you buying feeds from the manufacturers and selling to farmers. So if you are reading this article and would like to know how to start this business then here are the things you need to put in place.

Decide On What You Want

There are different feeds that are produced for animals as we have poultry feed, fish feed, pig food, horse food, dog food etc. so you have to choose which of them you would like to start but if you have the capacity to do all then you are free. For you to profit more in this business, I suggest you go into the poultry or fish feed distribution.

Register Your Business

If you are going to do this business you should know that you will be working with top companies even multinationals and nobody will take you serious if you do not have a registered company. You will have to register your company with Corporate Affairs Commission which will give you the permission to do business in Nigeria.

Connect With Feed Production Companies

After you have registered your business, you can then go ahead and meet feed production companies. These companies have their various policies you would have to fulfil before you are given a license to start distributing feed. So get in touch with them to know their requirements. There are lots of feed companies in Nigeria which includes Durante feed, Amobying Nigeria Limited, Livestock feed Plc. Etc.

Secure A Warehouse

Once you have met the requirements by these companies you should get a warehouse were the feeds can be stored. Make sure that your warehouse is safe and water should be kept far from it. It is also wise you look for a place close to where your customers reside or where there are lots of either poultry or fish farming business set up so as to make it easy for them to get to you.

Employ Capable Hands

Since you are just starting out, we should start small and expand as the business grows. You will also need people to help you offload your suppliers when they arrival so you should hire 2 to 3 capable hands (Boys) to work for you.

Get A Truck

Getting a truck is necessary in this business as you will have to transport your goods to your customers when they make a purchase so you will need a truck to do this. You have to make sure that your truck is capable of carry large products. You will also need a driver and someone to help offload the products out of the truck.

Market Your Business

It is one thing to start a business and it’s another thing for people to know that your business exists. Marketing your business involves you having a face to face interaction with livestock farmers, printing hand bill, banners and a complimentary card you can distribute to people. Advertising your business on Newspaper, Magazines, TV or radio station is also important.

 Social media is also a great way to make your business know to the public, Ecommerce websites like, allows people to list their business and products on their website so you can consider using them.

With this, you will be able to start your own feed distribution business and profit very well from it.

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