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The world is gradually moving from manual to computers as most large industries now uses robots which are controlled by a computer to accomplish a job that needs 4 men to do thereby reducing it to just one man operating the computer and getting the job done. Example when it comes to coupling a car, instead of people to do the hard work of fixing the doors and other parts, a machine is in place to do the job. This has made some people jobless.

In Nigeria today, things are also moving from manual to computers, be it in the financial sector where a computer and an internet is needed to transfer money from one place to another thereby reducing the risk of having to carry money in a bag and move around or in the educational sector where most examinations are now done using a computer. Sadly enough most people still do not know how to use a computer which is a big disadvantage for them in this present day. Though I was lucky not to write JAMB with computer but I remembered following a friend who wrote JAMB with computer and after the exam, I saw a lot of sad faces and when I got find out what the issue was, it was their lack of knowledge in using a computer that made most of them not able to attempt most of the question thereby reducing their mark.

As many people are getting to know the importance of a computer, a computer is not like out smartphone that you can just purchase and start using without having any prior knowledge of it and this is where a computer training centre comes in to help and teach people how to use a computer and I can assure you that if it is done the right way you are sure to excel in this business.

Who Needs Computer Knowledge

No matter the level you are, having at least the basic knowledge of computer is very important whether you employed, unemployed, student etc.

Students: In Nigeria, most schools especially in higher institutions, student’s needs to know how to use a computer as it is needed for research purpose, typing of projects, assignments etc. In recent time, Nigeria has embraced the use of Computer Base Test to set exams for students. JAMB has moved from pen and paper to full time use of computer and most schools are also doing that example National Open University.

Unemployed: Once when I applied for a job, I was giving a day to write an examination and to my greatest surprise I received a mail with a link and username and password for me to go online and write the examination and thank God I knew how to use a computer. Though it might not be a major requirement but for any job you are applying for but having knowledge of a computer gives you an added advantage.

Employed: You are not regarded as a professional if you don’t know how to use a computer. Most big organizations have moved from filing documents or keeping hard copies to storing information’s on the computer. If you are a worker and don’t know how to use a computer you would be left behind.

Everyone: Computer knowledge is not meant for a selected categories of people everyone needs it both kids, youths, adults and every human being needs to learn how to use a computer.

I see a lot of people buy books on how to use a computer which is good but the issue is most books cannot give you the walkthrough as you attending a computer school and someone teaching you.

Different Methods Of Start A Computer Training Center

Selling Materials/Software’s: This involves you selling computer related materials and software that teaches people how to use a computer program, application and software.

Home Base: This involves you going house by house to teach people how to use the computer. This kind of training is less expensive and can give you time to do other things.

Virtual Training: The internet has grown so fast that you can be in one country and lecture someone in another country. Same goes for computer training. When you go on YouTube and search for “how to use a computer or any computer applications” you would find lots of videos people have created to walk you through the process. You can also do same.

Corporate Training: This involves you going to organizations to training their workers. Many organizations how found the need to train their employees on how to use a computer and you can take advantage of it.

Today we will be focusing on opening a computer training center

What You Would Need When Starting A Computer Training Center


Before you can start teaching people on how to use a computer, you must first have a detailed knowledge of computer software and hardware, computer languages, tools and applications. With this, you would be able to pass the right knowledge to your students. When starting a computer training business, be rest assured that you will encounter different sets of people from different backgrounds so having a good communication skill is also a must have.

Choose A Location

Getting a place where your business will be located is very important. When picking a location make sure it is close to a residential area, businesses environment, schools and anywhere you can find lots of people.

Register Your Business

This is a must do for any business; you have to register your business with Cooperate Affairs Commission. With this you are legalized to operate a business and this will enable other organizations take you seriously when you go and submit a proposal to train their staffs.

Get The Necessary Equipment’s

While starting out a computer training center, there are lots of equipment’s needed and I will list them below:

Computers (minimum of 5 while starting out)



Computer desk

Computer materials

Computer software’s

Internet connection

Employ People

You would not be able to do everything so you would have to employ people which includes:

Training: Some with in-depth knowledge of computer and its application




One of the reasons why you need to register your business is so that you would be able to offer a valid certificate to people that finishes their computer training program. You would have to design a certificate with your logo on it so as to present to people.


This involves you creating awareness for your business, there are lots of ways you can advertise your business which includes banners and flyers, promoting your business on social media, newspaper, TV and Radio etc. you can also submit proposals to schools and organizations.

What You Can Also Teach

The use of computer has gone beyond just knowing how to type and the basic knowledge so to spice up your computer training center you can also teach graphic design (using Photoshop or Corel draw), web design, app development etc.

With this, you are ready to start your own computer training center and succeed in it.

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