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The fact still remains that most Nigerians still rely on the traditional way of selling their products, they believe in just packaging it, getting a shop and wait for the people who needs such products to locate them and buy it. Well this still works perfectly but come to think of it no matter where your business is located and as long as you not the only one selling that product; rarely would you see anyone come from another location to but your products.

In this period and time that we live in where technology is taking over everything and has the capacity of making your goods and services get to a larger audience, most people are still not aware of the advantages technology can bring to their business. Technology has grown so much that you can be in one country and sell your products to someone in another country.

With the rise of E-commerce websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Jumia etc. that allows people seat in their homes and literarily buy anything they need and it gets delivered to their door steps has made life easy and also made some people lazy. You can take advantage of these if you know the right steps to take.

No matter the products you have for sale be it books, shoes, bags, clothes, home items, furniture’s etc. you can make your products seen by lots of people online which are likely to be interested in your products and buy them which in turn you make more money even more than how you would make in your shop.

You  might be thinking this would cost you a fortune to do but not to worry, I am here to show you ways you can do it without having to pay a dime and you don’t need to create a website or an Ecommerce store to do this all you need is take advantage of the opportunities out there.

Do you reside in Nigeria and looking for ways you can sell your products to a larger audience without having to spend much money on advertising then this article is meant for you.

Jumia is one of the Ecommerce websites we have and it’s the largest in Africa. This websites sells almost anything ranging from electronics, fashion, books, etc. anything you desire to buy can be gotten from this website and would be delivered to your door step in any part of the country you live in. I believe they have started delivering food items also but it’s for only those residing in Lagos.

This Ecommerce website has almost 1000 works and over 10 million or more users visiting their website on a monthly basis. This is good as you can tap into it, imagine quarter of their users seeing your products on a monthly basis and some buy from you. The funny thing about this websites is most of the products listed on their website is not owned by them. For you to be able to start selling on their website you will have to apply to become a seller (this is not an affiliate link so I don’t make any money from it). All you do is register as a seller, take pictures of your products, upload them on the website for free and when anybody orders for the product all you have to do is get it to the Jumia agents that will help you deliver it to any part of the country even abroad without you doing any other thing.

Jiji is one of Nigerians biggest retailing websites which connects both sellers and buys so as to exchange goods and services. The website was founded in Lagos in 2014 and has over 929,183 free classified ads showing on their site and has over 8 million users per month making it a great place to start selling your products online. All you have to do is visit their website, register on the website, fill out the form, and start listing your products on their sites. Jiji allows you to even list cars, houses and other properties you have for sale.

OLX is also a very great website you can start selling your products on, this website is cool in a way that it not only allows you sell new items but you can also list your used goods you want to sell such as your phone, TV set, cars, clothes etc. job seekers can also visit the site to see what jobs are available in Nigeria. All you have to do is visit the site and create an account by clicking the sell icon on the top right of the website, once your account has being created, you can upload the image you have taken of the products you wish to sell both used or new and choose the category they fall under and put in your contact information’s so buyers can get in touch with you.

They are lots of other great Ecommerce website in Nigeria where you can start selling your products but I would not be able to give you much information’s on them because I have not used them but I will just list them below so you can check them out for yourself.



SME Markethub




So go ahead and start selling on all this platforms to increase your sales. Do let me know what you think about this article in the comment section.

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