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No matter the type of blog you decide to create, one of the main purposes is to make money and there are several ways in which you can use to generate income from your blog once you’ve started getting traffic.

Today i will be talking about one method and I can say it’s the most common and easiest way to make money from your website and it’s called CPC.

The word CPC stands for Cost Per Click or can also be called PPC which stands for Pay Per Click is a method in which advertising companies pay a certain amount of money to a publisher when traffic is directed from the publishers website to the advertisers landing page. This happens when ads from the advertiser is displayed on a website using a code generated by the advertising company.

Advertising Company

One of the oldest and most reliable advertising companies that have made a lot of bloggers millionaires is Google Adsense. As the first name states, it is owned by Google and lets publishers when they sign up to their network display Ads on their websites ranging from image ads, text ads, video ads etc. That is related to their niche. This network is so great that in any niche you into, Google will sort out, maintain the ads that appear on your website and according to Wikipedia Google Adsense is used by over 14.3 million websites amazing right.

Over the years, so many other advertising firs has sprung up but have not been able to match Google Adsense in terms of payout but in a way some have been able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Google Adsense.

Here Are My Top 3 Alternative To Gioogle Adsense

  1. is one of fast growing ads network which has almost 100 million users and is my first alternative to Google Adsense. Tough it’s unlikely that you will earn more on than Google but you are sure to make something good when your ads are placed rightly. What really attracted me to this network is the customer service representative that is dedicated to you when you get approved on the network so you can contact them for any issue and they will respond on time. The network has a large ads options ranging from 600×250, 300×600 so it can be placed anywhere on your website and also be used as sticky sidebar. Their ads also comply with SSL certificate.

2. Ezoic

Ezoic ads network is a certified Google Adsense partner who allows them gets most of their ads they display from Google but have more advantage. This network allows you test more ads unit on a single page so as to increase revenue unlike ordinary publishers. The ads on this network are well optimized making it easy to increase your revenue when placed properly on your website. The platform also supports ads testing using a software.

3. Propeller Ads

Propeller ads has proven itself to be a reliable alternative to Google Adsense as they provide lots of advertising options such as CPM,CPA,CPC and CPL. The platform also provides optimisation services to websites which allows you select the best performing ad campaigns. They also provide ads such as popunder ads, native ads, banner ads with all recommended sizes, push notification ads, video ads as well as mobile ads so you can choose the one that’s best for your niche and increase your revenue

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