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Are you trying to build a YouTube channel so as to be famous online and make some extra income but don’t know what to vlog about? Then this article is what you should consider reading to get great ideas on what you can start doing on your YouTube channel.

Vlogging which can also be called video log is one of the things trending on social media and can serve as a medium to reaching a large audience. as long as you know exactly what you doing and how to make your videos interesting so that people will want to come back and watch you again you are sure to succeed in the vlogging business.

YouTube has become a big platform in which anything and everything videos are welcome, no matter the kind of video you create whether using a professional camera or just from your smartphone, if your video is well optimized you are rest assured of getting lots of views and subscribers to your channel.

Now you may want to get into YouTube but you don’t have any idea of what to do, I am here to show you 10 great vlogging ideas you can start with to break into the limelight of YouTube.

  1. Vlog About Yourself: This may sound awkward but trust me there are lots of Youtubers into vlogging about themselves and are generating massive views and lots of subscribers. This kind of videos does not need much; it can be done using your smartphone or camera and requires you talking about yourself. This is not for shy people like me. Examples of what you can do are (i) Tell people 20 to 30 things about yourself, (ii) Vlog about your morning routines or everything you do during the day.

  2. Tutorials: This can be done if you very good at a particular thing. Let’s say you good at mathematics, you can make videos of how to solve so many equations and help people that are trying to improve their knowledge on such equation. There are lots of other tutorials such as teach people how to play a piano, how to design a website etc. You might say YouTube is all about entertainments but there are lots of people visiting YouTube so as to gain knowledge.

  3. Reacting To Something: This might sound also crazy but imagine after watching an audition such as American Got Talent or The Voice, and you feel the judges where not fair, you can make a video stating why you feel the judges was unfair and state what you feel they should have done.

  4. The Best: There are lots of videos you can create around this niche. As new products such as gadgets, health products etc. keeps coming out, people may find it difficult to pick the right once this is where you come in. you can create videos on the best camping gears, The Best video editing software etc. and also tell your viewers why you prefer them. This will go a long way to help people choose when they intend to buy such product.

  5. Gaming: Gaming is a huge niche to dive into on YouTube and can generate lots of income for you. All you have to do is pick a game that you know you are good at and video yourself playing it. You can also share your tips and tricks on how to pass difficult stages so your viewers can also try them. When it comes to gaming, it does not have to be only on PS4, Xbox One or PC you can also video yourself playing a game on your smartphone and share it on YouTube.

  6. Comedy: Everyone likes to laugh so if you are funny and know how to present yourself well so people can watch you then creating a comedy channel on YouTube is what you should consider doing. This niche is not for everyone you have to be confident, very funny I reap very funny to succeed doing this.

  7. Unboxing: Let’s say you just bought the latest smartphone or any gadget at all, you can make a video of yourself opening the pack and showing your viewers what’s inside so they can know what to expect when they purchase that item. Doing this requires lots of money as you have to purchase the item so you can unbox it.

  8. Travel: If you love travelling and you go to a place that looks cool, you can video yourself as you take a trip from one location to another. Not everyone has the luxury of travelling but they sure wants to see how other countries look like so you can make it your duty to show them whenever you visit any state or country.

  9. Make Money: do you know how to make money online be it affiliates marketing, blogging; forex trading etc. and want to share your ideas with others then you can start a YouTube channel and teach people how to make money online. This is very huge and competitive but before going into this, makes sure the strategies and tactics you will be teaching really works to stay relevant.

  10. Musical Instrument: If you are good at playing any musical instrument then this is a great to explore. You can video yourself playing the guitar, piano, violin, drugs etc. and also teach people how to play them.

With this you should be able to consider which one you can fit in and start creating videos on them. Do let us know what your thoughts are on these 10 YouTube ideas

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