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Affiliate marketing is an interesting online business to venture into most especially when you just starting out. When you sign up for most affiliate programs, you are left with so many options in different categories to choose from.

When I first logged into my Amazon Associate dashboard and started browsing for products to promote, it got to an extent that I got confused and ended up creating a website were I sold almost anything I saw on Amazon. Though for me it was my first experience so I did not take it too hard on myself because after six months of creating the website I was able to make only $8.   All the long hours I spent writing reviews for different products on different niches was just a waste of time. I guess the search engine did not just know where to place my website as I was neither here nor there.

Then I decided to start researching how to do affiliate marketing and one of the things i found out is for you to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to focus on a particular niche and this has really helped me. Whatever product you find on an affiliate program there is someone out there searching for that product so you can literarily make lots of money from selling anything online.

Here are my best affiliate Products to Start Promoting

1 Software

Everyone is searching for things that will make their work easier and faster, no matter the organisation whether big or small or just an individual needs software to work. It can be an accounting software, antivirus, Microsoft word, excel etc. There are lots of software’s you can promote and make money. Create a website around this niche and you good to go.

2 Fashion

Fashion is a huge market any day and even if you just starting out you can make lots of money from selling things related to fashion. There is nobody that does not want to look good no matter how many bags full of clothes people have, they still want more this makes it an open market to jump into. Things such as clothes, shoes, bags, belts, wrist watches etc. sells very well online. You should consider promoting products related to this niche.

3 Gadgets

As technology keeps evolving, lots of new gadgets keeps coming out and as people love fashion gadgets is no exception. Smart watches, smart bands etc. are making wave online.

4 Make Money

Everybody wants to make money and is looking for ways to do so without having to leave their homes so they can quit their 9-5 jobs which makes it hard for them to spend time with family and friends. Sites like is a good place to start as they offer lots of make money products you can start promoting.

5 Health and Fitness

The main reason why most people hit the gym is because they want to keep fit and go on diet so as to be healthy as they say (Health is wealth). Nobody wants to be overweight, everybody wants to be healthy and look fit. There are lots of health and fitness products that are out there and you can start promoting them. For you to start promoting these products, you have to make sure that the products you about to promote really works.

With this said, I don’t mean other products don’t sell online they do and probably might do better than this products but over the years, i have seen lots of people crush it selling this products I have mentioned.

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