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As shelter is one of the basic needs of man as everyone needs a place where they can reside and perform different activities housing projects must always be required. Virtually in every part of the country, houses are built constantly and blocks are needed to lay a solid foundation and also build the house. In spite of the advancement of technology that houses can now be built using Steel Metals, the use of blocks cannot be left aside at least not in Nigeria as it is important for any building project.  Every structure you see around was built using blocks be it schools, churches, hospitals, etc. as more of these buildings will be erected making the block moulding business a very lucrative and profitable business to venture into.

If we are to put a list of business that will surely stand the test of time, the block moulding business will be the next after agriculture. The reason why most people don’t give much thought about this business is the fact that they consider it as a business for the illiterate’s but the truth is the block moulding business can be done by anyone and the more knowledge you gather about the business will guarantee your success.

You might say the business requires you to get dirty but hey come to think of it most of the business that requires your hands to get dirty pay the highest example crude oil, but this business can be started without you having to lift a finger and can generate millions of Naira per month.

If you are considering starting your own block mounding business then here is a guide you can follow.

Take A Survey Of The Business

Like the popular saying “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well” and this also applies to the block moulding business. Taking a survey of the business allows you gain more insight of the business, what is needed to start the business, the different approaches you can use in the business and the amount it would cost to kick start it. Al this can be done by getting to meet other that are into the business, reading books and searching on the internet.


Like I earlier said that you can start this business without having to lift your hands and make any block but I still believe that whatever business anyone decide to go into they should have knowledge of the business. You can go as an apprentice for any top block moulding business for at least 3 months with that you will get the basic idea of how the business operates.

Get A Land

Once you have being able to acquire a reasonable amount of knowledge on the business the next step to take is to purchase a land where you can start moulding your blocks. In most cases, you might not be able to purchase a land which is quite expensive but you can search for a land space and then negotiate with the owner so he rents it to you. There are lots of things you would do on the land which includes drilling a borehole, setup a shed where you can store your cements and other equipment’s.

Get The Necessary Equipment’s

There are different machines and equipment’s that are needed to start a block moulding industry which includes:

Block Moulder Machine: Otherwise called a vibrating machine, this is the machine that is used to mould the blocks faster. This machine can be constructed by a welder though I cannot give you a specific amount it would cost for them to construct this machine but you can find out for yourself.

Block Carrier: after the block has been moulded, the block carrier helps to easily carry the blocks so you can put them under the sun to dry.

Diesel Generator: This is what you would need to power every other machines that you would use in the block making process so it is very important.

Other Equipment’s which you would need includes:

Head pan



Wheel barrows

Raw Materials Needed

When it comes to building blocks the important materials includes

Cements: Use the best cement when moulding a block

Sand: Sand is also needed in the moulding of blocks and you can use both sharp sand, mud sand and stone dust which is gotten from granite.

A Truck

Getting a truck that you can use to transport your blocks to your customers is very important.

Employ workers

This business cannot be done by just one person so you need more hands to run the business for you, a minimum of 4-5 persons are needed and the more your business increase the more hands you would require. Hire people who already have knowledge of how to operate certain machine so as to make your production effective.

With this you are ready to start your own block moulding business and expand it with time.

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