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Among the three basic needs of life Clothing (fashion) is very important in our day to day life and it not only cover our nakedness but also make us look presentable in public. The fashion industry is a huge business all over the world making it a multi-billion dollar industry.

In Nigeria, the fashion business is on the rise as everyone wants to look good and wear things that will fit them no matter the amount it will cost them to purchase it. Every event you attend in Nigeria, you are sure to see fashion at its best as different attires, designs etc. are used to make clothes now a days.

As we all know that there are lots of individuals out there who claim to be fashion designers but know little or nothing about the trade all they know is to cut and sew giving the fashion business a bad name. The fashion business has grown from just ordinary clothes to a way people express themselves, culture, believes etc. mostly in Nigeria, fashion is no more about suits as casual wears, traditional attires are also classified under fashion.

Who Is A Fashion Designer?

A fashion designer is a person who sews or designs clothes for people. A fashion designer has to go from the normal designing of cloth to being creative so as to stand out and succeed in the business. A fashion designer has to be acquainted with the trade and be able to give their clients maximum satisfaction at all times.

Here Are The Things To Do To Setup A Successful Fashion Design Business

Get Trained

I guess there is no one born with the talent of being a fashion designer so you have to get the required skill and this only comes by training. This training involves you getting to know what fashion is all about, know how to cut and put pieces together etc. you cannot know everything about fashion in one month, it takes a minimum of six to one year.

Decided Your Niche

The fashion industry cuts across different areas which include making of suits, casual wears, traditional attires, customizing for people etc. so you have got to choose where you know you can fit in. will it be for men or women or both is also what you should consider.


Once you have gotten the right training and you ready to go into the business, you will need some  equipment’s which include a sewing machine, weaving machine needle, threads, measuring tapes, scissors, table, chair, generator etc. that’s if you doing it yourself or you can make a design and contract a manufacturer to make the clothes for you.


 Getting materials that you can use to start sewing has now been made easy with places like Lagos Island (Balagun) and Aba you can get quality materials at a cheaper price to start your business.


The aim of every business is to get to the top and if that’s what you aspiring for so you can be counted among the best designers, creating a brand for your business is very important. As simple as Ralph Lauran is a brand that’s known all over the world. Yours can be a logo, a particular design your clothes are known for, a slogan etc.

Start Small

When you checkout the people topping the fashion industry such as Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabana,  Prada, Armani, Yomi Casual etc. they all started somewhere. The fashion business entails that you believe in yourself and your creative ability.

Promote Your Business

Don’t just seat down in one shop and sew for people in your area, go out, attend events, attend fashions shows get to meet and interact with other designers. Promote your designs online there are lots of people that might want your product but if you don’t take it to them how will they buy. Use social media, tell people about your business, rock your wears, use newspapers or magazines (if you have the money) just make sure people get to know you are in town.

With this you are ready to start a fashion business and with patients you can be among the best both in Nigeria and international.

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