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Businesses in the past have focused more on TV, newspaper and magazines to advertise their products and services and have neglected the going online. But now things have changed as the internet keeps evolving many business have realized the importance of getting an online presence. Every business most especially start-ups needs an online presence to market their business and attract more client this is where a web designer comes in.

Though through the help of different platforms such as blogger, wordpress, wix, weebly etc. building a website is much easier now a days but many businesses still prefer to hire a web designer that will build and manage their website for them.

The job of a web designer is not an easy one, its not about getting clients and making money but you have to be very I repeat very good at what you do for you to be able to succeed in this business.

Who Is A Web Designer?

A web designer is a person who is creative and have the ability to design and customize a website for people so as to give them an online presence. There is no necessary basic certificate a person must have to be a web designer, but as a web designer you must be good in designing, understand how to mix colours and fonts when it comes to creating a website, must be able to organise a site for easy navigation and have knowledge of different coding languages such as PHP, CSS, SQL etc.

Here Are What You Need To Start A Web Design Business


For a person to succeed as a web designer, you must be good at it that’s why you need to get trained. There are lots of videos on YouTube that teach people web design but a advice you locate a computer training school close to you that you can attend. If you can locate an NIIT school that would be better.

Get A Business Plan

No matter the kind of business you going into, you need a business plan to highlight what and what you will need for your business and being a web designer is no exception. Get a business plan that list out the services you will be offering, how much you will charge your clients and your targeted market.

An Office

Hey when I say an office I don’t mean you have to go out and look for a place you can setup for your business, your office can be in your home. The job of a freelancer is interesting as it allows you work from home or anywhere you decide. This said make sure where ever you will be working must be free of distraction so you can concentrate.


As a web designer, there are certain equipment’s you must have to start your business which includes: A laptop, printer, scanner, high speed internet,   software for editing photos and videos and a server space where you can test your work before you deliver it to your clients.

A Website

As a web designer you need a website of your own that you can display your skills and help potential clients see the services you offer.  Make it as simple as possible but fancy with high quality images and videos so your clients can know you are serious. As they say “first impression matters”. Make sure that your website load time is fast as nobody wants to wait a while for a website to show. Your contact information should also be included on your website


Don’t get stocked with only web design, there are other services you can offer to your clients which include: Graphic designing, Logo making, Social Media Marketing etc.


Once you have gotten everything sorted out, the next thing to do is promote your business so clients can locate you. There are few things you need to do which includes: setting up a Google My Business page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

There are websites you can sign up to and get clients to your website. Fiverr, Upwork, Guru peopleperhour etc. are great site to join and get clients.

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