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No dressing is ever complete without wearing a shoe or other foot wears which makes it very important for our daily lives. The shoe business has come a long way and it’s still very much open for people who are interested in going into the business as long as they know what they are doing. In a country like Nigeria where there are over 180 million people and almost 99% of the population uses shoes both adults and children except those in the forest and each person having more than one pair for shoe this will give you an idea on how lucrative the shoe or foot wear business is.

With this said, having to start a shoe or any foot wear business is largely dependent on the capital you have at hand. If you are opportune to have enough capital, you can go into the business in a large scale but if your capital is not enough you should consider starting small.

So if you are interested in starting your own shoe business here are the things you should consider doing

Get Trained

Starting a should business is not as easy as heating a hammer on a nail, you have got to be well equipped which involves you going for training on how to make different foot wears from skilled and experienced individuals or companies. The least time for you to be able to learn how to start making shoe and other foot wears is six months depending on how smart you are. For those who have huge capital can also open a factory and employ other skill people to make the shoes but it is still advisable that you learn.

Pick A Niche

The shoe/foot wear market is large and for you to stand out, you have to focus on a particular niche. There are shoes for male, female and children and each comes in two forms which includes casual and formal shoes. This entails that you decide who your target audience are and how you can meet their needs.

Have A Business Plan

Every smart business person knows the importance of having a business plan. This gives you the ability to checkmate every aspect of the business. A business plan will allow you speculate everything necessary to start the business.


Picking the right location for your business is good but not something to worry about. Most times while starting out a business due to low capital people might not be able to get a good location but no matter your location, your ability to be able to make your shoes available to the market is what you should be worried about and this is where transportation comes in. no matter your location, once you able to transport your shoes to the market you ok.

Get The Necessary Raw Materials

When you have completed your training getting the right materials and equipment becomes easy. By the time you would be starting out on your own, you would have been conversant with the materials and tools your trainer uses to make different shoes.  There are different materials used in the making of a shoe, it all depends on what you have decided to do. Your targeted audience should also influence the type and quality of the materials you would use to make the shoes.

Start Production

The moment you have gotten all the required materials, the next thing to do is to start producing shoes. For those starting on a small budget, purchasing large machines though it boils down to the type of shoe you making Example Leather, Rubber or Plastic. You can start by getting smaller machines for stitching and sewing, a table is necessary and other smaller tools such as hammer, tapes, ruler, needle and thread etc.


It’s not just enough to make a shoe and put it out there for people buy but have to brand your product makes you standout. Top shoe manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. have a brand which makes it easy for people to identify them in the market. This involves you getting a logo for your products or manufacturing your shoes in a shape that no one has done and ensuring it catches the eyes of people.


After manufacturing a shoe people are not going to come and look for you, you have to take it out there. This is where promoting otherwise called advertising your product comes in. there are different ways in which you can make people aware of your products. If you have enough money to spend, you can advertise on social media, TV and radio stations but if you starting small going out there and telling people about your product is an effective way to promote your business.


When start a shoe making business or any other business, don’t expect to hit it big over night, people will not really trust your product at first but as you keep on producing delivering quality products be rest assured that you will get to the top.

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