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Blogging is the first thing many people consider going into when it comes to making money online. While this is true, there is another alternative just like blogging to make money online and it’s called Vlogging. You may ask what a Vlog is.

What Is A Vlog

A Vlog which can also be called video blog can be considered a substitute to blogging in which your contents instead of been written and posted on a website is turned into video. Vlogging has grown big as more and more people have found it interesting and a way of engaging more with their followers. This entails that you  make a video of yourself doing a particular thing Example talking about your life, giving an opinion on a particular topic be it entertainment, politics etc. and sharing online for people to view.

I personally believe that both blog and vlog compliment each other so I you are a blogger you should consider going into video making.

A vlog can be done in two ways which OFFLINE when you record a video of yourself ], edit it and share it online and ONLINE which can be called LIVE BROADCAST which involves videoing yourself in real time while others watch.

What Vlog Can Be Used For

Vlog can be used for practically everything, from airing your view to teaching people how to do stuff or making people laugh.

Vlog + YouTube

When you create a video, you will need a place to share your videos so people can engage with it. This is where YouTube comes in. YouTube is a platform that is dedicated to videos and lots of videos and posted on YouTube daily. There are other platforms that you can also share your videos on which include IG TV, Twitch, Facebook, vimeo, dailymotion etc. but we will be looking at YouTube today.

YouTube is a great platform to start sharing your videos as it gives you the opportunity to make money from your videos unlike other platforms. Though few platform like Twitch, Facebook watch and dtube also reward you for your videos.

Just like blogging, there is money to be made in vlogging as many people have been able to turn it into a full time income stream.

What You Can Vlog About 

There are lots of things you can vlog about which includes:





Health and fitness



How To Start A Vlog

For you to start a vlog, there are some instruments you must have to get start and they include.

A laptop

A camera

A microphone

Editing software

If you are just starting out and can’t afford to buy a camera your mobile phone can also come in handy. There are people who vlog using their mobile phone and still get good views example our very own Lasisi Elenu.

Create A Video

The next step is to start creating videos. Whatever niche you want to go into be it fashion, tech, tutorials or webinar you have to film a video.

As easy as you videoing what you do every morning or talking about things that interest you can get you started in the video making niche.

Edit Your Video

No one is perfect so when making a video, there would be some little mistakes that would be made and you won’t want your viewers to see so you have to edit them. There are lots of ways you can edit your videos both paid and free but if you just starting out i suggest you go for the free method. Depending on the kind of laptop you using, Apple has iMovie and Windows have Windows Live Movie Maker that you can use to edit you videos. You can search for how to use this free software on YouTube.

How to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Get a logo: you can do it yourself if you are at in graphic design or hire someone to do it for you.

Intro video: intro videos are a great way to spice up your videos. An intro video should not be more than 10 seconds. There are lots of websites you can use to create an intro video, adobe etc.

Create A YouTube Channel

Once you have gotten your equipment’s and short your videos, the next step is to open a YouTube channel when you can upload your videos. Opening a YouTube channel is very easy; all you need is a gmail account. Once your account is setup, you have got to customize you channel by adding a logo and a cover photo to make your channel fancy.

Upload Your Videos 

When you have finished setting up your channel and making your videos, the next thing to do is to start uploading them on YouTube.

When uploading your videos, using a good keyword title is very important. After getting a title for your video, you should briefly put a description of what your video is all about an add some tags this will allow Google pick out your video when a person search for that keyword.

Promote Your Video

Promoting your video is a way to make people aware of what you have posted on YouTube. With this people can come to your channel and you get views which will increase your chance of making money. Social media is the perfect place to start promoting your videos. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are great social media platforms.


The aim of you making a video is to engage your viewers and in turn make money. There are certain ways in which you can make money from YouTube and I will highlight them below.

Google Adsense: Just like how Google will display ads on your website, they can do the same with your YouTube channel. YouTube has changed its policy before ads con display on your channel. You have got to have 1,000 subscribers or/and 4,000 views before your channel can qualify to be monetized. There is nothing to worry about as this can be achieved.

Affiliate Marketing: While waiting to get the bench mark for Google to display ads on your channel, using affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your channel. Signup for sites affiliate like Jumia, Amazon etc. and start promoting their offers on your channel.

Sponsorship: If you are just starting out i advice you stick to affiliate marketing as sponsorship is a whole new level on its own. This involves top brands asking you to review their products or display their products on your channel and they pay top dollars for that. For you to land a sponsorship, your channel must have lots of subscribers and views.

With this, you are set to start your journey in video making and make lots of money if you are willing to put the hard work and be patient.

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