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Are you thinking of starting an online business that will succeed but don’t know the right steps to take? In this article, we will be sharing the steps needed to start and make money online.

The question you hear most people ask is “can I really make money online”? The answer to that question is yes.

You cannot just only make money online but you can make a living working online and live a better life than your mates working a 9 to 5 job.

Few years back, if anyone should have told me that money can be made online, I would have looked at them with one corner of my eye and say it is all a scam. But the funny thing is here I am making most of my business plans online.

Since the world is fast going digital and the majority of the people in the world use the internet for one purpose or the other, this opens the door for people to make legit money online.

I say legit because this is not a scam like the “yahoo yahoo” that we have always heard of but you can make clear money online without reaping someone else of their hard earned money online.

Now I know many people reading this post would have read other blog post on how to make money online and probably think you need to uncover a great secret before you are about to make money but the truth is everything you need to make money online is right in front of you. 

You can make money online from just your Facebook or other social media platforms you use.

The Basics

Making money online is not rock science or does not need you to have all the skills and qualifications in the world to succeed. Though it requires you to put some certain things in order which we will get into shortly.

Before we jump right into the steps you need to make money online, there is one thing I need to really I mean really point out and it is among the 4 steps to making money online and that is no other than having an audience or traffic.

In our normal offline businesses they are called customers.

If you are able to secure a lot of audience visiting your online business you are sure of making money online.

Now let’s jump into the 4 steps needed to make money online.

Find A Good Niche

The first step to making money online is to find a niche you can focus on. For those who don’t know what a niche is, a niche is a specific area of a broader topic you decide to focus on. Example fashion is a broad topic and in picking a niche under fashion you can choose women fashion, men’s fashions and so on.

Most of the times, you hear lots of people say find a niche you have passion for and follow it but I totally disagree as making money online involves you finding a problem and solving it. 

The fact that you are passionate about a topic does not mean others are. You have to find out what people are interested in a start from there.

The truth is if you devote much time to learning other things you are not passionate about in due time you will start developing passion for them.

The easiest way for anyone to pick a niche is to know what people want. You have to check out what people are searching for online.

Choose A Platform To Share Your Ideas

Once you have been able to find a niche you can focus on, the next step is to find a platform.

There are several platforms out there that can be used to share your ideas and they include (Blog, Vlog, Podcast).


The first platform that comes to the mind of lots of people that wants to make money online is to start a blog. Starting a blog is one of the best ways you can use to share your ideas on any topic you have chosen.

There are lots of blogging platforms you can use and they include WordPress, Blogger.com, wix.com and so on.

For you to start a blog you must have a domain name and a hosting plan. You can be gotten by using the various hosting companies we have out there which includes Bluehost, Hostgator, Web4africa and so on.

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If you love to show your face on camera then starting a vlog to talk on the ideas you have on a niche is necessary.

Creating a YouTube channel is a great place to start and also make money. For me I advise that every blogger should also start a vlog as it is a great way to increase your income.

You may ask “what if I am shy to show my face does that mean I can start a Vlog”? The answer is NO.

If you as shy as me, you can start a vlog where you only explain things using sliders or infographics.

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Podcasting is also a great way to share your ideas. This involves you recording your ideas in an PM3 format and making it available for people to download and listen to while doing other activities.

Though not as popular as blog and vlog but it is a great way to share your ideas and make money.

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Build An Audience

The third step is to build an audience. This is very important as it will determine the success of your online business.

Without an audience (lots of audience) you can make money online.

There are various ways you can build an audience and they include using social media, SEO, paid advertisement and so on.

For you to be able to build an audience and make them keep coming back to visit you’re your platform, you must make sure that you are providing a solution to a problem they have. With that they will be able to trust you and keep coming back.

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Monetize Your Platform

Once you have put the other 3 methods in place the fourth and final step is to monetize your audience.

There are different ways you can monetize your audience and they include adding ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored post, own products and so on to your platform.


This is one of the fastest ways you can use to make money online. There are lots of ads network out there that you can use to do this and they include Google Adsense, Popads.net, propellerads, infolinks and so on.  For vlog and using YouTube, you can only use Google Adsense and must get over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views to start earning.

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Affiliate Marketing

This is also a great way to make money online. Affiliate marketing involves helping other people sell their products while you get a commission.

There is virtually an affiliate program for every niche you decide to go into. All you have to do is search for it online.

Sponsored Post

This involves top brands asking you to promote or talk about their products or services on your platform. This is only possible when you have a lot of audience.

Own Product

If you are able to create your own product you can market it on your platform to make money. A product can be inform of an eBook.

With these 4 steps I have mentioned, you are sure of succeeding as an online business owner.

Do let us know what you think about this article in the comment section.

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