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Do you have knowledge on any topic and wish to get it out to people in form of a podcast but don’t know how to go about it? Not to worry, in this article I will be sharing with you how you can start your very own podcast.

Starting a podcast is not as difficult as you think, all you have to do is follow the various steps you to need to apply so as to get it out there.

The use of podcast has over the years started growing massively as most bloggers and online business owners have started using podcast to engage with their followers and drive more sales to their business.

Not everyone has the time to seat down and read a blog post of watch a YouTube tutorial as they might be busy driving or working on a task.

This is why podcast is been used as a medium to get information on any topic out there for people to listen. They can listen to it while driving or performing other tasks.

What Is A Podcast

A Podcast can be described as an avenue of sending audio files to the internet in an MP3 format. Once a podcast is released, people can download it and listen to it using their smartphones, PC or any media player.

Unlike blogging that is over populated and you need to be providing valuable contents for your readers to keep coming back; podcast I can say is still in its infancy stage as there are not much people into it.

Just like any other businesses that take time to grow, you must be ready to commit and stay focused if you are going to succeed as a podcaster.    

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Since podcast is done in an audio format, most people think that it is just to record using their smartphones and upload it but podcasting is far more than that. One thing you should know about podcast is that it is not a one off thing; you have to keep doing it consistently. You can do it in form of episodes.

For podcasting to become profitable, you must first have to build up a huge amount of listeners before you will be able to advertise or land a sponsorship deal. So you have to be committed for the long term.

Without wasting much time, let us jump into the steps needed to start a podcast

Pick A Topic

You won’t really do well with podcasting if you talk on random topics which is why it is best for you to focus on a particular topic. There is nothing anyone is doing right now that someone else is not into just like as there is a blog for every topic on earth you are sure to also find a podcast just like that. Since the market is broad anyone can still talk on any topic of their choice. First thing you have to do is to find out if the topic you want to talk about have audience. With that you will be able to narrow it down.

For example, let’s say you want to talk about fashion and since fashion is a very broad topic you can then narrow it down to let’s say, women clothing. With this, you will be specific and be able to know who your targeted audience is. The trick when it comes to podcasting is to find a niche you have great knowledge about and focus on it. With this, you will be able to bring new and creative concepts that others in that niche are not doing. This will make you stand out.

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Pick A Suitable Name

Picking the right name will make it easy for people to find your podcast. This is why you have to pick a name that is related to your podcast. The name you choose is what will make your potential listeners know exactly what your podcast is all able. One thing I should add is as you pick a name related to your niche, you might as well consider a name that will make it easy to dive into other topics.

Just like the example above, if you will be talking about women clothing and make your name around women clothing it might be hard to talk about other women items such as shoes, bags etc. This is why you will have to pick a name that covers the entirety of women fashion.

Pick A Podcast Format

Now that you have been able to pick a topic and get a name, you will have to decide how long your podcast would be even before recording. Most professional podcasters will say a 30-minute podcast is the best but the truth is you have to decide what works for you. All you have to focus on is providing useful information to your listeners so if a 10 minute video would do that then you should stick to that instead of recording a 15 minute video with 5 minutes of irrelevant information.

Get A Cover Art Image

This is the first thing anyone will see so you have to make it as attractive as possible. You will have to use an image and text that covers what your show is all about. You can get a graphic designer to customize an image for you or simply use to design your image.

Start Your Podcast

Now that things are in place, you can start recording your podcast. There are certain equipment’s you will need to record and the basic is a microphone. You will need to use an high quality microphone so your voice can sound better to your listeners.

Once you have gotten the right microphone for your podcast, then you can start recording. For a more professional recording, you can download and install audacity (free) to your PC then connect your microphone and start recording. You can as well use your smartphone or other recording software to record your episodes.

Once you have finished recording your audio using audacity or any other recording software, you will have to edit it so as to remove any error you might have made during the recording session. This editing can be done on audacity but if you don’t have Audacity, you can use Windows Movie Maker to edit your audio files.

After editing your videos, you can then export them as MP3 so as to be able to upload them where ever you want. 

Things To Add

There are certain things which make up a perfect podcast and they include: title of the podcast, intro music, a description of what the podcast is all about and outro music at the end of your podcast. And you can add all of these when editing your audio.   

Host Your Podcast

Once everything is set and you have saved your MP3 file you will need a place to host your podcast. This is vital as it will make it easy for you to distribute it to other podcast directories. Though most of the podcast hosting sites we have out there requires you to pay a certain amount, as a beginner you can use either SoundCloud which is free or create a website where your files will be uploaded.

When this is set you can now sharing your files to podcasting directories. There are lots of podcasting directories out there that you can leverage but the best I hear most podcasters talk about is iTunes.

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Let People Know About It

Don’t just upload alone get to make people aware of your podcast. You can do this using social media and any other promotional methods you know about.

With these tips, you can start your very own podcast and succeed in no time.

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I must still point out one thing and that is you have to be committed to succeed when it comes to podcasting.

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