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I am always searching for ways I can use to not only get traffic but also improve my blog so when a visitor comes they would have reasons to stay for at least an extra 5 minute.

Since I kept searching for different ways to improve my blogs I have come across so many tools. Though most of these tools are not really what I need but one way or the other they have been help.

After seeing so many tools, I have been able to pick out the few that are useful to me and I will be sharing them with you in this post.

Blogging has proven to be a great way people can use to grow their business online. With a blog, you can express yourself, create regular contents, build your brand and build a reliable audience that you can market your products and services to.

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Starting a blog doesn’t just happen, there are certain things that needs to be put in place before you get your website out there.

One of the mistakes new bloggers make is to allow the excitement of starting a blog cloud them that they forget to put something’s into consideration before starting and after a while they get frustrated and quit.

I must confess to you, even though I love to write blogging is not an easy job. It takes time to setup a blog, write contents, proofread, publish and share for people to read.

Thankfully with the help of some of these tools it has made things much easier for me.

We have been able to compile a list of tools you can use to improve your blog.

Blogging Platform

Choosing the platform to use when it comes to blogging is vital as it will determine over 50% of the success of your blog. There are different blogging platforms that can be used and some are free while others require you to spend money. Blogging platforms such as, are free to use but are also limited and might to give you full control of your blog. This is why I recommend that you use a wordpress website as it is easy to use and customize, gives you total control of your website and it is used by over 80% of the website on the internet.

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Domain Name And Hosting

Your blog cannot be visible without using a domain name and hosting plan. When getting a domain name, you will have to choose a name that is related to your niche and most be simple and easy to remember. There are different hosting companies out there you can get a domain name and hosting and they include bluehost (affiliate link), hostgator, domainking (affiliate link) etc.

WordPress Plugins (The Once We Love And Recommend)

There are countless wordpress plugins out there that people can use but not all are really needed. If you end up getting to many plugins on your blog it might also reduce your blog speed so focus on the once that are relevant to you and leave the rest. At naijahowtozone these are the wordpress plugins we use.

Yoast SEO Plugin: You can’t always rely on social media or running ads to get traffic to your blog, you still need organic (free) traffic. Yoast SEO makes your blog search engine friendly. This tool is useful to help improve your On-page SEO. You can input your Meta title and description to help your blog rank on search engines.

Google Analytics: it is not enough to only keep publishing contents on your blog without getting to know the number of visitors who come to your blog on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. This tool helps you track the number of people that visits your blog.

Jetpack: This brings the features from free to self-hosted wordpress blogs and also shows you your traffic details. With this tool, you will be able to know which of your post is performing well and which one isn’t.

Imsanity: This plugin is used to resize and compress large images to fit perfectly.

Social Pug.: Whenever you publish a post on your blog, you have to make it sharable for your visitors and social pug provides beautiful sharing buttons on your page and post.


Humans are moved by what they see so getting a cool looking image is important. Canva is a tool which can be used to create high quality text and image designs for your blog post ranging from banners, book covers, logos etc. with different fonts and sizes to choose from.

Email Collection

As you keep getting more and more visitors to your blog it is wise you also start collecting their emails so you can connect with them through mails and also alert them of a new post, products and services you offer. There are different email connection services you can use which include: Aweber, Getresponse, mailchimp etc.   


Chances are that in the process of writing an article, there might be some misspelling which is not good for any serious blogger. Grammarly is a very useful tool as it helps you check the grammars and spellings automatically in your article, all you have to do is copy and paste your article into grammarly and it does the rest. Every blogger should get this tool.

Social Media

Social media is a great place every blogger should get familiar with and explore to get traffic to their blog. Apart from search engines that you can get free traffic from, you can also use social media to drive massive amount of traffic to your blog. Whatever your blogging niche is you can use different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to get people to visit your blog.


Yes forums are still a great place to get traffic to your Nigeria there are lots of forums you can explore which includes: Nairaland, Jackobian, Proundnaira, Beastnaija, Naijanetwork, quora etc. to get lots of traffic to your blog. 

Keyword Research Tool

Having to check what works and what don’t work is key to ranking on search engine. Keyword research tools helps you know which keyword is most searched for on the internet in your niche and most often gives you suggestion on what other phrases you can add to make your post rank on search engine. Tools such as Google keyword planner, Uber suggest, etc. are among the best you can use.


You might not always have the time to seat down and write an article for your blog or keep in touch with your social media follower’s which is why you need an extra hand. Fiverr is a place where you can get people to write articles for you for $5 and also get a social media manager to help you run your accounts if you are too busy to do it.

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Blogging is not as hard as people think, all you need is to get the right knowledge on how it works and get the right tools that will make it easier to operate. Using this tools I have listed above I am sure you will have a great blogging experience.

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