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The success of every business is determined by the number of people that are aware that the business exists and how well the business is structured to reach more clients. In Nigeria today one of the biggest challenges most business owners face is the ability to reach more people so they settle for less by focusing solely on people in their immediate environment.

As important as it is to provide high quality products and services for your customers, getting to know how to promote your business to reach more customers is also very important that is why we will be looking at the various ways you can promote your business and build your brand in Nigeria.

Sometimes I ask myself with all the popularity that Coca-Cola has all over the world why do they still keep spending millions of dollars to promoting their brand both offline and online. This made me realise that having to promote your business is what you need to keep your business relevant and stay on top of your competitors.

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The awesome thing about promoting is that it is needed for any kind of business you decide to venture into whether it’s an online or offline business you just can’t do without it.

Promoting your business helps people know exactly what your business is all about and giving you a platform to turn those audiences into potential customers. Most time, people might get to see your business and may not patronize you immediate but when they meet someone that needs the product or service you render they can easily direct those people to you that is one of the things promotion does.

For you to be able to market your business successfully, you must first and foremost know your targeted customers. This involves you knowing who needs the product or service your business offers, where you can find those people and how you can make whatever they need available to them.

Promoting your business involves you spending money so when planning your business always make sure you have a reasonable amount of money set out to promote your business both offline and online.

Without wasting much times let me jump into the different methods you can use to promote your business in Nigeria.

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Using flyers or handbills is a great way for business owners to market their businesses in Nigeria. When creating a flyer you must make should that it is easy to read but very colourful. The name of your business, address, phone number, email, website (very important for your business to have) should be included in the flyer. With as low as ₦ 5,000, you can get up to 500 copies of flyers. When your flyers are ready then you can start sharing them to people.


Unlike flyers that are handy, banners are much bigger and necessary for promoting your business. You can create some banners that you would put in strategic areas where there are lots of people to attract them to patronize you.

Satisfy Your Customers

one of the things I have realised when it comes to marketing your business is to make your customers happy. When your customers are satisfied with your products or services the chances of them telling someone about your business is very high.


Mmany businesses have started adopting this method and your business should also follow suite. Packaging is very important to promote your business far and wide. This can be as simple as customizing the bags you use in packing the goods your customer buys or handing to every customer that visit your business with a pen that is customized with your business logo or name.

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This is also a great way to promote your business; it helps to advertise your business both on the streets and the high ways. You can adopt this method to promote your business.

Car Advertisement

I was walking down the road one day and saw a car painter in white with a sign “SFI360” I immediately went online to check out what they were into, this is also a great way to promote your business. You can get a car and design your business name and logo on it.


We all know that one of the first things must people do in the morning is read a newspaper which makes it a great place to promote your business. You can use one or two of the popular newspaper out there such as vanguard, punch, the nation etc. to promote your business.


In case most people can’t get their hands on a newspaper they turn to their radios to get information’s about politics, sports, entertainment etc. and you can use this medium to get people aware of your business.

Social media

My favourite of all the ways to promote your business is social media. Social media can get much more people to be aware of your business than you can imagine. You can promote your business on social media using both paid and organic (free) traffic. There are different social media platforms out there that you can use to promote your business and they include: Facebook, twitter, instagram, Google Plus, etc. with these social media platforms you can post high quality images about your business and write useful information’s about what you are into.


Most people go to different forums to get information’s and share ideas with large audience so signing up to forums and posting your business images and information’s would be a smart thing to do. There are lots of great Nigerian forums you can sign up for and they include: nairaland, jackobian, bestnaija, proudnaira etc.

Get A Website

No matter the kind of business you are into your business should have an online presence so getting a website is necessary. This will allow those that cannot reach you offline to connect with you online. You can get a web designer to create a simple WordPress website that you can start with.

Run Promo

Once in a while, you can decide to run a promo on the products or services you render by reducing the prices for a limited time. Trust me people like promo and I am also one of those people. You can use this to promote your business and increase sales.

Attend Events

You can’t just open a shop and seat back and wait for people to flood your shop; you have got to go out and make people aware that your business exists. Attending events can help me meet people that will later become customers. While attending events you must make sure that your business card and handbill are handy so you can share to people you meet. One of the things I noticed about attending events is that you not only meet new people but also gain more ideas on how to grow your business.

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