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Music is one of those things human beings can do without as it helps most people to relax and have a good time. No party or event is ever successful without using music to entertain the audience. Music has grown to an extent where it can be heard in any language you choose which makes it impossible for people to do without it.

Most people think that when it comes to music, the hardest job is to write the lyrics and sing it but for your lyrics to be transformed to a music that people will love and enjoy thereby making a musician a star a music producer is needed to create beats, mix, record and make your music get to the public to purchase.

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Who Is A Music Producer?

A music producer can simple be described as the invisible hand behind the release of a song or album. Just like when preparing a meal, a person has to monitor it from the start till when it is ready, same goes for music a music producer is in charge of the music production process, from the signing of artist, recording, mixing, editing, marketing etc. of music till it reaches the public. The job of a music producer is not an easy one, all the artist needs to do is write the song and sing it but the music producer has to think and produce the beat that would fit the music, how the video would look like, how to market the song when it finally comes out and this can take a lot of sleepless night so you have to be prepared when going into the music production business.

As a music producer, there are certain skills you should have which includes learning how to play different instruments such as piano, drugs, guitar, etc., how to use the different recording equipment’s and how to market.

As a music producer your goal is to make sure that you produce great, pleasant and enjoyable music and this can be done by experimenting on different genres and sound to create a master piece.

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Functions Of A Music Producer

The music producer is burdened with the responsibility of managing an artist, beat making, mixing, marketing and making sure every music produced becomes a success. It is also good that as a producer you have other people assisting you so as to make the job much easier.

How To Become A Music Producer

Learn Music

Getting to only listen to music does not qualify you to become a music producer, you have got to know the indebt of music and terms of words used in every music so as to create the perfect beat and mix that will fit the songs you produce. There are universities in Nigeria that offers music as a course so you can apply to study music. There are also shorter courses you can attend to learn more about music, just search them out.

it is also advisable to learn from a professional music producer so you get to see first-hand how the trade works.

Decide Where To Start

Music is made up of different genres ranging from R&B, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop etc. so while starting out it is best you focus on one and master it very well before venturing into the others.

Learn How To Use Different Instrument

As earlier stated, learning how to use different musical instrument is very key to succeed as a music producer,  there are so many instruments a producer should learn how to use but if you are just starting out, the piano, guitar, drum, bass are the once you should learn first so as you keep growing you can learn other instruments.

Learn How To Use Different Musical Equipment’s

Getting to know how to use the different equipment’s used in the creation of music is necessary and the most important of them all is a soundboard for sound production. If you are just starting out, getting to learn how to use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for sound production is what you can use to kick start your business.

There are different equipment’s that you would need to become a professional music producer and they include: Computer, microphones, headphones, studio monitor, amplifiers etc.

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Register A Business

Registering your business is very vital as gives you the legal ground to work in any state of the country and also helps your clients know how serious you. You can register with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Register With Copyright Society

Your job mainly as a producer is to producer music that was either written by you or someone else so for you to be able to protect your music from being stolen or used by others anyhow you will have to register with Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) which is free to register. Once you have registered with them, you would be able to list your music with them which will enable them serve as a middleman between you and a third party intending to use your music. One other advantage of using them is that they make it easy for you to collect royalties for the music you produced when it’s been used by someone else.

Open A Recording Studio

You will surely need a place where your musical instruments, equipment’s would be setup and where artist can come in for a recording session so getting a work space (recording studio) is necessary. You can also use you room if you are just starting out.

There are different things you would need to setup a recording studio and they include: chairs, tables, microphone stands, cables etc.

Practise Practise Practise

You don’t have to wait until you get a client before you practise your skills,  you can write a song and produce it or reproduce some else’s song. This would give you a great advantage as you would have something to show your potential clients for them to work with you.

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Market Your Business

Tell people about what you do, friends and families. Create flyers, banners, business card you can use to promote your business. Using social media can increase your recognition level as a music producer as it helps you reach large audience so be active on social media and make sure you put your best work out there.

As an upcoming music producer, having to attend musical events and parties is very necessary, when you attend such events you get to meet other music producers, upcoming artists and other people that are in the music industry.

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