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Do you love music and know how to turn the party up with your selections of music and looking for a way to make money from it? Then starting a Disc Jockey business is what you should consider doing. Almost every week, more than one occasion is held in every neighborhood whether it’s wedding ceremony, birthday party, school party etc. and you can use this as a medium to kick start your DJ business.

Running a DJ service business is one of the outdoor businesses you can start either full-time or part-time and generate reasonable amount of money while doing what you love. We have lots of celebrity DJ’s out there such as DJ Xclusive, DJ Spinal, DJ Cuppy, DJ Neptune etc. who are making it big in the industry and if you start now you can reach the height and surpass where they have gotten to.

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There are different places a DJ can function to deliver music to the public and they includes becoming a mobile DJ that plays for parties, weddings, events etc. or those playing for radio stations, clubs, bars etc.

Here are what you need to start a DJ service business

Get Trained

Just like starting any other business, there are certain tips and tricks you need that you might not be aware of but having to work closely with someone that is into the business will help you a lot. Getting trained by someone will help you save a lot of money as you will get to know the different equipment’s, how to set them up and how to mix music’s.


As you keep learning from a professional DJ, it is wise you also start practicing what you’re learning. You can start by just playing in your bed room, friends and families occasions. The more you keep practicing, the more you become experienced in the business.

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Download Music

For you to succeed in the DJ business, you must be up to date with trending songs both circular and gospel. Every kind of music should be on your laptop both oldies and new age music which consist of R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Jazz etc. so as to be able to meet the need of your audience.

Get A Business Plan

This is very important as it helps you plan your business strategy and keep you focus. Having a business plan will help you identify who your targeted customers are, the kind of equipment’s you need, the cost of running the business and how to raise funds to start your business.

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Register A Business Name

This is a business so you are going to have to register it with the Corporate Affairs Commission so it becomes legal.

Purchase Needed Equipment’s

You have got to get the right equipment’s to start your DJ business and when getting such equipment’s, make sure they are of good quality. There are certain equipment’s that a DJ can’t do without and they include: Mixer, Amplifier, Turntable/laptop, Microphone, Headphones, speakers etc.

It is not a must you get all the equipment at the early stage, all you have to do is choose where you want to focus in your DJ business (if it’s outdoor service, radio station service, clubs and bars service) then get the equipment’s you need for that service.

Promote Your Business

You have got to get your business out there so people can get to know what you do and in turn hire you. There are different ways you can promote your business and they include: Word of mount, sharing of hand bills, creating banners and putting them in strategic areas were lots of people pass by, advertising your business on forums and social media.

Charging Rate

There are not fix amount a DJ can charge for the services they render, your charges would be base on the event. The amount you would charge for a wedding ceremony will be different from what you charge in a birthday party. Get to know the rates other DJ’s are charging so you can know what to charge for each event.

Mix Tape

This is a way of making extra cash in your DJ business, all you have to do is create a mix tape of different trending music and burn them into a CD and start selling.

Keep Learning

One thing you cannot do without in this business is learning, get to know what other top DJ’s both local and international are doing differently and also imbibe it into your business. YouTube is a great place you can learn lots of things about being a DJ that will help you succeed.

Advice: Start small and grow, don’t rush into doing big jobs when you have not gotten enough experience. Being polite and respectful is key in the success of this business. Make sure you have as many songs as possible so you don’t end up repeating songs.

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