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YouTube is a platform that is mainly for video sharing and if you are to succeed in this platform you must make sure that your videos stand out and are high quality with lots of useful information’s. Getting into the video making business is not an easy ride as it entails you putting a lot of work to create a master piece.

When it comes to creating videos that would be uploaded on YouTube there are certain things you need to put in place and they include

Pick A Niche: Focusing on a particular niche or topic is very important to the success of your YouTube channel, you have to also look at what you know you are good at before picking a niche. For example if you have an interest in fashion it would be unwise to create a YouTube channel that focuses on sport, you should focus on fashion and create videos related to fashion.

Create Your video: Once you have picked a niche you can start creating videos in line with the niche. Getting a good camera to record your video is very important but if you are a newbie and don’t have enough money to get a good camera you can start with your smartphone.

Edit Your Videos: Well no one is perfect so you will sure make some mistakes that you won’t want your audience to see so editing is very important. If you are using a windows laptop, you can use the free editing software called “windows movie maker” to edit your videos.

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Overview Of What You Need To Create A Video





Editing software (windows movie maker)

When all these are put in place then you can start a YouTube channel.


Most people might find it difficult to become a real life celebrity, thankfully the internet has provided a way for people to become a celebrity and YouTube is a perfect platform to start your way to stardom.

The first time I heard the name Lasisi Elenu was when I watched one of his comedy on YouTube before I even got to know he was performing comedy on stage. YouTube has a way of making ordinary people popular and this can only be possible when you create a YouTube channel and embed catchy videos.

Why most people go around looking for jobs there are people that are settled in making great videos and sharing it on YouTube and earning full time income. We talking thousands of dollars every month.

So if you willing to go down this path then I am here to show you how to create a YouTube Channel from scratch.

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Here are what you need to do

Get A Gmail Account

Google like we all know is the largest search engine service we have on the internet; they also own a mailing service called Gmail and also own the YouTube platform. A Gmail account is needed for you to be able to create a YouTube channel. If you don’t have one you can easily signup on

Go To Your Channel

Once you have your Gmail account ready, the next step is to visit and click on sign in at the top right corner of YouTube and add your gmail account.

once you are signed in, you will see your name on the top right corner of the menu bar click on it then click on “my channel”. This will take you to a next page where you can start customizing your channel.

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Pick A Name

For me the name you choose determines 50% of your success on YouTube. By default the name you used in signing up for a Gmail account will appear but you can also change it to whatever name you desire. When picking a name, always make sure that the name you choose corresponds with the kind of videos you would be sharing. For example if you want to start a vlog about gadgets you have to pick a name related to it and not to fashion. You can pick a name like “gadgets on the go” “way cool gadgets” etc.

Once you have picked a new username, you will have to replace it with your name and fill out the form and click on save.

Note. You can also use your real name as your channel’s name.

Other Things To Do

Once you have been able to put the above in place then you can visit your channel by clicking your username at the top right corner of the menu bar and then click on my channel. There are other things you need to put in place in this section and they include profile picture, cover photo and description

once you have clicked on the “my channel” icon, you will be redirected to another page where you can start customizing your channel. click on the “customize channel” icon to upload your profile picture and the rest.

Profile Picture: one of the first things that will attract people to your channel would be the profile picture you use. Make sure that your profile picture is related to what your channel is all about. You can also use your logo if you have one as a profile picture. The easiest and fastest way to create a colorful and catchy profile picture is to either hire a graphic designer to do it for you or you use a free website called to create one.

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Cover Photo: On YouTube it is called “Channel Art”; just like your profile picture a channel art is much bigger as it would be placed at the top of your channel page. Using a cool channel art can also attract people to your channel and you can either hire a graphic designer to do it for you or you do it yourself using

Description: When people visit your Channel, you want them to know what your channel is all about that’s why a brief but detailed description should be written about your channel in the description area.  You can also add links to your website or any affiliate product you want to promote on the description area.

Once all these have been put in place then you can start sharing you videos.

When it comes to uploading your videos, there are things you need to do

Video Name: When you start uploading a video on YouTube, make sure that you use a title name relevant to the video. For example if you are uploading a video on a new phone lets the Iphone X, you can title your video “Iphone X Review” or “A closer look at the Iphone X”.

Description: This will let people know what they should expect when they watch the video. Even though you are still going to tell them about the Iphone X in the video, you can still write some details such as the features and functionality of the phone in the description area.

Tags: Tags are very important when uploading a video on YouTube, you might not be able to use all the keyword you want on the title name but in the tag area you can add as many keywords as you want. With this even if someone search for a topic that is not the same with your title name but because of that word is in your tag YouTube will also show your videos for them to watch if they want.

Thumbnail: This is the first image people would see before watching your video so you have to always create eye catchy thumbnails to add to your videos. Images and contents are what you should put in your thumbnail.

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