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One of the places you get to connect with family and long-time friends is through social media and it has evolved from just a place of meeting old and new friends to an important marketing tool for both large and small businesses. Since businesses have seen the importance of social media to their business and have adopted it as a strategy for marketing but most find it challenging to keep up with their business activities and also have time to reply multiple messages they receive from the different platforms they use this is why they prefer hiring experts to handle their different social media accounts.

If you are a social media freak like media and love spending time on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. then starting your very own social media management business is what you should consider doing.

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What Is The Job Of A Social Media Manager

A social media manager can be described as a freelancer that helps businesses perform different activities which includes:

Open social media accounts of their choice

Manager social media accounts for business by posting and sharing images and news related to the business

Market for businesses using social media

Help drive traffic to businesses social media accounts


This services cuts across businesses as there are some individuals most especially celebrities you can help manage their social media accounts.

Starting a social media management business can be fun as you get paid just for using social media, this is a business you can do from anywhere as you don’t need an office it can be done from the comfort of your home and little investment is needed to start this business. All you have to do is figure out the social media platforms you are very conversant with and use them to start your business.

Depending on the number of clients you have would determine if you need to employ another hand in this business.

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What To Consider Before Starting This Business

When you choose the path of becoming a social media manager the first thing you should know that it is not going to be about you anymore but about the various businesses you are representing. I must tell you social media managing business is not that easy as you would have to study your clients business so as to be able to effectively connect and engage with your clients audience. This includes relevant images and news.

For you to also succeed in this business, you would have to keep yourself up to date with the policies and privacy rules of the different social media platforms.

Social media is a marketing tool that top businesses and industries are using and you should be able to know how to use them very well.

Things That Work On Social Media

Over the years even before I ever thought of blogging the things I noticed that really works on social media are:

High quality images

Captivating titles/headlines

Quality contents

If you can join these together then you can start your social media business

Things Needed To Start Social Media Management Business

There are different tools you need to have to start this business and they include:

A laptop

An internet connection

Editing software’s

Social media accounts

Scheduling tools


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How To Start A Social Media Management Business


Like a popular saying that says failure to plan is planning to fail so the first and foremost thing to do is seat down and plan how you want to run your business. Planning entails you going for training if need be. You have got to set goals and map out a strategy you will use to meet them. It also involves you writing a proposal they would be presented to client’s mostly small businesses to help them know the importance of social media and how it can help improve their businesses.

Choose A Name

When it comes to choosing a name, you have got to pick a name that will match with the business. When picking a name, make sure that the name is catchy and easy for people to remember. Whatever name you choose will become your brand so you have got to choose wisely.

Get A Website

Though it is not that important but most times it shows how committed and serious you are. You can create a domain name with your business name and host it using one of the hosting platforms we have

 Sign up for is an affiliate link)

Be A Social Media Influencer

People only follow who they believe and if you are able to influence people maybe by your pictures and posts you share on social media then you are good to go. It is not all about have large number of people following your social media accounts but how many engagements you get which includes likes, shares and comments on those accounts that matters.

Be Up To Date

Almost every time social media platforms changes their policies and privacy most especially for marketers so you have got to be up to date so you don’t default and get your accounts or clients’ accounts blocked.

Choose Your Services

There are lots of social media platforms out there and you don’t have to know how to use all of them before you can start this business, all you have to do is pick the ones you are very good at and build on them.

Decide Your Pricing Rate

As a beginner, you have to make sure that your prices are not that expensive, pick a moderate price. The trick about pricing is that the more work you do for other client’s will determine if you increase you pricing rate or note. So as a beginner focus on getting clients and jobs done before charging high.

Register Your Business

I always advice people to register any business they intend to go into as it not only helps you stay committed but shows your client’s that you are serious. You can register as a sole proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company.


Well you will not set everything up and then seat down for companies to start looking for you, you will have to go out there and market yourself for people to find you. Websites like, upwork etc. are platforms you can join to get international client’s.

Like I said earlier, writing a proposal and going out there to educate businesses on the need to go social is another way to get client’s.

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With this, I am sure that your path to building a successful social media management business is guaranteed.

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