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Have you ever thought of starting a Poultry farming business but the cost of having to cater for a large number of chickens have discouraged you from going into this profitable business then why don’t you consider starting this business in a small scale? There are different ways a poultry farm can be set up and they include commercial or large scale poultry farming that enables you cater for a large number of people and as well make more money or a small scale poultry farming that enables you cater for mostly families and individuals.

There is still a lot of money that can be made from starting a small scale poultry farm and the opportunity of expanding the business after a while is guaranteed. As the Christmas period fast approaches, one of the best business you can start now would be a poultry business as it is guaranteed that lots of chickens will lose their life as it has turned to a tradition that rice and chicken is always prepared in every home during this period (LOL).

The poultry business is an ever green business as people buy chicken on a daily basis and you are sure to make money from it.

I most warn you, starting a poultry business is a risky business in the sense that there are things that needs to be put in place for you to succeed which includes energy, nutritious poultry feeds, clean and healthy environment, vaccines etc. but if you neglect them you might end up losing both your money and the chickens. So I advise that you study someone that is into the business so you can see how things are done first hand.

Let me list out the procedures to starting a small scale poultry farming business

Poultry Type

There are different aspects of poultry farming you can go into depending on the one that is suitable for you. You can decide to rear Layers chickens which are done for egg production, Broiler chickens which are done for meat production, Hatchery which is done for breeding chickens so as to get new chicks or poultry feeds sale so other poultry farmers can buy feeds from you.

With this you have to decide which of this poultry niches you want to embark on. That is not to say you cannot venture into two or more of the poultry niches, it all depends on the financial resources you have at hand.


For you to be able to start a small scale poultry farm, you have got to have a reasonable amount of money to proceed. There are different ways of getting money to start this business as you can raise it yourself, solicit funds from family and friends or take a loan from the bank. These days, banks are willing to give loans to people who want to go into agriculture. You can make inquired to how to get a loan from Central Bank of Nigeria to kick start your business.

Business Plan

Having a business plan for your business is very important as gives you the ability to set goals, plan on the amount of money needed to start the business, the types of equipment’s you need, plan on how to reach your goals etc. it will serve as a road map so you don’t go above your budget.

Get A Location

Getting a good and conducive location to start your poultry business is very important, the best thing to do is to get a piece of land that is a little bit far from residential areas as poultry farming often produces bad odor. While you decide on where to purchase a land, consider a place with easy access to water and transportation.

Design A House

As you would want to leave in a house that is conducive and hygienic, same goes for the house you will build for you poultry farm. Since we are focusing more on starting this business in a small scale, we will be talking about the intensive system which includes rearing your chickens is a cage system. This includes Deep litter, Slated floors, Battery etc.

When building a house, make sure that it has enough space for fresh air and light to enter, make sure it is clean and disease free.


Depending on the poultry niche you intend to go into will determine the equipment’s to buy. For a small scale poultry farm, the required equipment’s includes Feeders, Cages, Watering can, waste disposal, lighting gears, coops etc.

Buy Chicks

Once you have successfully put everything in place, the next thing to do is to buy chicks from trusted breeders. You can start with 100 to 150 chicks as a beginner and increase the numbers as time goes on.


This is where majority of your money will go into as proper feeding is required for your chicks to be healthy. You can either buy the feeds from the market or prepare it yourself. The feeds needed for poultry includes millet, corn, wheat, butter milk, etc. Also ensure that clean water is also provided for your chicks at all times so they can grow healthy and become productive.


Proper medication is needed for poultry as they are prone to contact diseases so having to contain this by giving them vaccines promptly is necessary.

Helping Hand

Running a poultry farm can be somehow stressful if you doing it alone so it is required you employ other hands to assist you in the business. As you are starting a small scale poultry farm. You can hire 1 or 2 people to help you monitor the day to day activities of your farm.


It is advisable that you take a market survey in your area about this business to know how profitable it is or not. The more you sell your chickens the more you will have to buy more so getting to make people aware of your business through word of mouth, printing hand bills and flyers, banners etc. is very important.

With this guide, you can successfully start and run you own poultry farm and also remember never stop learning about the business so you can be in the know of the latest technology that you can use to grow your poultry farming business.

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