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Marketers all over the world are always searching for ways that they can use to showcase their products and services to large audience so as to promote their businesses and also increase sales. The traditional ways by which business use to do this was Newspaper, TV, Radio, Magazines etc. which are great ways to make your business known to the public but there is a better way that you can use to leverage your products online and it is no other than social media.

Social media is a place where millions if not billions of people converge for so many reasons which includes creating and sharing of contents, videos, ideas, networking with people etc. and marketers can tap into this traffic source to grow their business.

Unlike the traditional ways of growing your business as I mentioned earlier, social media is a far cheaper way to grow your business and produces a high “Return On Investment” for marketers on a daily bases. 90% of the world’s populations have a social media account and they keep signing up for more as long as it interest them,  so you are rest assured that no matter the social media site you decide to invest your time on you are guaranteed of reaching large number of potential customers.

Social media has gone from just a place where people get to meet new friends but people are now using it to purchase an item which is why top ecommerce websites use social media to advertise their products. One of the ways top brands and businesses use to engage with their followers is through social media.

With all this said, not all social media platforms might be good for your business so you have got to figure out the ones where you are likely to meet people interested in your business so you can market to them.

In this article, we will be listing out the best social media sites you can use to market your products as well as grow your business.


I call Facebook a country of its own, it is estimated that Facebook has over 2.1 billion monthly actives users which makes it one of the best social media sites marketers and businesses can use to reach their targeted audience. Whatever your intentions are on using this platform whether it’s to get traffic to your website, drive sales to your products, make people aware of your brand etc. this site provides all you need.

Facebook has a wide demography as you are able to reach people in other countries using this platform. There are lots of ways you can use to get your targeted audience on this platform but the fastest though involves you spending some money but can still be done on a small budget is Facebook advertising. The Facebook advertisement is great as it allows your target your audience by location, age, gender, desires and lots more. With this feature only the right people will get to see your products. Another way of getting traffic from Facebook is by posting on groups.


Well we had to put Instagram at number 2 as it is owned by Facebook and huge traffic can be gotten from this site. Instagram is basically a photo and video sharing platform and has over 1 billion monthly active users. This platform deals mostly with graphic contents so if you are going to use Instagram to grow your business you should consider creating images and short videos of your products and business. This platform also gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers directly so your customers can message you if they have any question to ask you.


Pinterest in another great social media platform you can use to grow your business but I must say it depends on the business you are into that will determine how successful you would be using this platform. Pinterest is a social media platform that has over 200 million monthly active users and majority of them are into lifestyle and anything related. This platform can be very profitable to people that are in the fashion, food, home decoration niche and can drive insane amount of traffic to your website. (every business needs a website). It is also an image sharing site so you can start posting images of your products and business on Pinterest. This social platform allows you to start organised as you can create different boards for different products.


I actually just started using this platform and I can tell you it’s amazing. Twitter is one of the best social media platform out there as it provides real time news and you can this platform to sell your products and promote your business as it has well over 300 million monthly active users. This platform allows its users to post photos, videos and links. This platform is known for its constant use of    hashtags which makes it easy for people to find you. Example if you are into selling of gadgets, when tweeting you can input a #phones, #gadgets etc. so when people search for gadgets on twitter your post will appear. Twitter also offers digital advertisement option so you can get more traffic to your products.


Linkdin is a social media platform that is created for professionals; this platform has over 100 million monthly active users as lots of jobs and other contents are posted on this site. I consider this platform to be among the best as it is rear you find someone on this site that just want to have fun as everyone that sign up to Linkdin comes in with a business mind-set. As a business owner, it is wise you use this platform to list your business so as to be able to target people base on job titles.


YouTube is a social media platform where people go to both watch and share videos online. This platform has over 1 billion monthly active users and can serve as a great place to get traffic to your business. One of the cool things about the social media platform is that everything video goes, from movies, fashion, comedy etc. as long as it is in a video format you can upload it to YouTube. The platform is owned by Google and is also considered to be the second largest search engine.

 All you have to do is create videos related to your business and post on the site. YouTube not only allows you to use videos to drive traffic to your business but you can also make extra cash from your videos by monetizing your channel with Google ads.


Reddit is another great social media platform that can be used to grow your business; this platform has over 30 million monthly active users and allows you to share images, videos and links. This platform has what is called a subreddits which are different communities focusing on different topics. So when joining this site, make sure to look for the subreddit that relates to your business.

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