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As the internet continues to advance and as people keep moving from analog to digital which makes life much easier as people can get information’s on anything they want using their smartphones and other devices from the comfort of their homes it is safe to say that the internet has done more good than harm in our generation.  The hours must people spend on their smartphone and computers is more than the time they spend having a face to face conversation or reading a book.

Every day, millions of people are on the internet doing different activities such as chatting, skyping, playing games etc. and majority of the people are searching for information’s that would add value to them. The internet has provided a platform for people to meet, share ideas and lots of people in different ways has used this opportunity to generate massive income whether it’s from blogging, vlogging, freelancing, etc. and most of them have turned it into a full time income stream.

For ages book publishing has been a huge part of human existence as people needs books to read to gain knowledge. There are lots of people out there who have an idea of writing a book but the high cost of getting a book publishing firm to edit, type, print and market a book has hindered lots of books from being published. But there is a way out for you to get your books published. The internet has made self-publishing a better option for writers as they can now bypass the traditional printing press and now write and sell their books online.

As people spend more time on their smartphones and computer there is a high possibility of them picking a material online and reading it and it comes in the form of eBook.

EBooks have become popular on the internet as millions of dollars are generated every year from this source of making money online. EBook is an easy way to access information if you are not able to get your hands on hardcopy books.

This article would focus on how you can create an EBook and make money selling them online

What is An EBook?

EBooks is an electronic book which can be sent to people over the internet and then downloaded to a device inform of PDF example smartphone, tablets and computers for people to read. Unlike publishing a hardcopy book that requires the aid of a publishing firm, Ebook is much easier as it can be self-published and created from many sources. When it comes to EBooks, any topic can be written about ranging from fitness, weight loss, public speaking, make money, technology etc. and it gives you total control of anything you intend to write.

Without wasting much time, lets jump into the process of how you can create an EBook

Here are steps to take

Pick A Topic

The first thing you should consider before creating an EBook is the topic or niche market you intend to write about. There are lots of topics you can write about examples make money, romance, weight loss, fitness etc. I advise that for anyone that wants to write an EBook should focus on a topic that they are good so you can add your uniqueness to it not just copying what other people have already written before.

Select A Writing Platform

Once you have being able to pick a topic you want to write about, the next step is to select a writing platform you would use if you will be writing in yourself. Most people prefer hiring a freelancer to help write the books for them but it’s much better you write yourself to save cost. There are lots of platforms you can use to write an EBook but the popular is “Microsoft Word”. When writing, start with a page title, table of content then other things can follow.

Start Writing

After the first 2 steps have been done, you can now start writing your book. Unlike our normal hardcopy books that have more 100 pages, an EBook can be shorter in fact I advise that when you writing an EBook always make it short. Most EBooks I have download are not more than 10-15 pages. All that really matters is that in that 10-15 pages you are able to delivery useful information to your readers.  Keep it simple.

Convert To PDF

Once you have successfully written your book, it is best you go through it over again or look for someone who will proofread and edit your book. No human is perfect so when you typing, you might make a mistake and end up not correcting it but if you get an editor that will go through the book and make some necessary correction you are sure of getting a proper work done.

When you are through editing your book you can then convert it to PDF. Saving your work with PDF on Microsoft word is very easy, once you are done, click on save as after typing the name you want to name your book, on the save as type click on the dropdown and select PDF then save.

Create A Cover Page

A cover page is very important when you creating an EBook as it state the title of the book, author’s names and other personal information. An easy and free way to create a good cover page is going to and select from the different template.

Selling Your EBook

Once everything is in place, you are ready to put you EBook out there so people can purchase and you can make money. These can be done in different ways which includes:

Publishing On Your Website: This involves you creating your own website which can be done by using, wordpress etc. All you need is a domain name and hosting plan. This will enable you sell your books from your website so when visitors come to your site, they can purchase your books and pay you using paypal or any other money receiving sources as you send them a downloadable link for them to use to get your book.

Amazon Kindle: Amazon is a great way you can use to sell your books online this platform gives your book the opportunity to reach massive audience unlike the once you would get to visit your website. Selling on Amazon is very easy; all you have to do is sign up to Amazon Kindle and upload your EBook

Other Ways Of Selling Your EBook

You don’t want to rely on only these two methods to get your books out there, using social media to promote your book are very important. Facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social sites are good. You can also submit to books to directories and forums which will link back to your website so people can purchase your book.

With this, you are ready to start writing and making money online from EBook.

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