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I remember a few years ago, when you tell someone that you want to become a photographer they will laugh at you and probably tell you that you going to end up taking pictures for students in the university. That used to be through then but now things has changed as the photography business is a very lucrative business to venture into.

I guess you have been to a wedding where you see photographer’s standing outside and taking shots of people and the maximum you pay to get your picture is ₦200 this made people think that the photography business is not profitable but have you ever imagined how much the main photographer that was contracted by the couples to cover the event really gets paid? In recent time, the minimum a photographer is paid to cover an event is not less than ₦250,000-₦300,000. I am not stating this figures to deceive you but is a confirm figure as my elder brother is into the business.

In Nigeria, there is absolutely no weekend that an event does not take place, as we know that Saturdays are for weddings, Get together, events, seminars,  shows, church programs etc. and all these events needs a photographer to take photos. No matter your phone camera quality everybody still needs a photographer to take them pictures and print hardcopy so they can keep for future purpose.

Believe it or not, Nigeria is a great place to start a photography business no matter the state you reside if you position yourself well and take advantage of every situation you can be successful in this business.

Being a professional photographer comes with advantage as it can be done on a full time or part time basis, allows you earn money while doing your hubby, travel, meet new people etc. though there are some disadvantages as it takes time to build if you just starting out, your income will vary as the amount you charge Mr A might be different from the amount you charge another person.

This article will be directed to those that have little or no idea about this business and would like to get into the business.

Here are what you would need to start a photography business

Figure Out Who Your Clients Would Be

The first thing you need to consider while starting out a photography business is to find out where your services are needed. As a photographer, there are many places where your skill is needed such as schools as they need pictures to make banners and flyers, business as they need pictures of their products they would want to promote online, entertainment as they need pictures of celebrities, sports, weddings etc.

Get Trained

Training is important in any business you decide to venture into and same goes for photography. The photography business is very technical that is why training is important as it helps you understand the rudiments of how it all works. Photography is more than just telling some to stand while you put a camera close to your face and say cheese then snap, it more than that. You need to under how lighting helps to improve picture quality. There are schools that teach photography though I have not heard of any in Nigeria but if you want to learn, you should consider going to start an apprenticeship under a professional photographer who will teach you the different types of cameras and how to use them. You can also follow them to events they cover and see how it works.

Learn How To Edit

There are some certain situations where some pictures you take will need a little editing for it to come out fine that is why getting knowledge of how to use some editing software such as Photoshop, Corel draw to edit pictures is also necessary.

  Get A Business Plan

The next step you need to take after you have been trained is a get a business plan. This will allow you lay out strategies that you will use to succeed in the business. A business plan will help you outline the services you want to render, the different prices you will charge your clients, how much you aim to earn, your marketing strategies. When it comes to pricing, you need to make your price realistic so as to stay in business.

Create A Business Identity

Creating a business identity includes Business name, logo, slogan etc. this will enable you stand out and give you a brand that people can identify with.

Get The Needed Equipment’s

There are lots of gears that are needed to start a photography business but while you are just starting out, you don’t need to get all the equipment’s. the basic gears you need includes a high quality camera that can take clear pictures, 3-4 different length lenses, flashes, extra batteries for your camera, high quality photo paper for printing images, editing software. You don’t need all the studio gadget as you just started and the cool thing is when you need them for a job you can hire them.

Build A Portfolio

Most people need convincing for them to give you a job so you need a portfolio of previously done jobs to present so they can access. Let your best pictures be put on your portfolio with your brand boldly written.


There are many ways to market your business as a photographer which includes printing banners and flyers, business cards; brochures etc. one important way to market your business is for you to go social. When it comes to photography business the number one social platform you should consider exploring is instagram as it is a photo based social platform. Facebook and others are also good; please take permission from people before you post their pictures online.

Be Social

Getting to meet people one on one and telling them about your business is also important. You have to learn how to communicate with people. Human being can be difficult a time and as a photographer that needs people to work you should learn to be patient and not quick to anger.

With this your photography business is set. Do let me know when you get started so I can hire you for my wedding (LOL).

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