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Writing is a skill that is very enjoyable if you can take the time to seat down and put your brain to work you can come up with a master piece article that people will want to read. One of the things I hated back then in secondary school was writing an essay and this comes up almost in every English exam, I always look for ways to skip this question but unfortunately, it is always the compulsory question. Some years down the line I got to realize that one of the things I can do easily is writing be it a story, a quote for my motivational page on facebook @righthinkers  and any other thing that needs writing.

Every textbook, novel, comic etc. was all written by someone same goes for the contents we see online. There are lots of people who love to write even much better than I can but don’t know how to profit from their talent. To me writing is a talent when I scroll through my facebook account or on Whatsapp, there are some articles I see which when you settle down to read them they add value to you but those writing such articles just do it for fun without realizing how much they can generate from this articles.

Most people think that the only way to make money as a writer is by publishing and selling in hard copy but the truth is the era of hard copy books is fading away as people prefer to read on their PC, Smartphone and tablet.

This article is aimed at showing writers out there some other ways in which they can use to make money with their contents and not have to do it for free any more.

Here are the ways you can make money as a writer

Start A Blog

As a writer and someone who is determined to make money from this trade, having a blog is the first thing to consider. This gives you a platform to showcase you writing skills so that people can read your blog post and by placing ads on your blog you can make a reasonable amount of money on a monthly basis. Pick a topic you know you are good at and create a blog around that topic. Creating a blog is fun but it takes time and you constantly adding new contents to your blog.


The freelancing business is growing rapidly and writers are constantly being sort after as most top organisations and lots of people who own a website but are very business with other activities to write contents search for freelance writers to do the job for them. You can tap into this niche by joining sites that connects you to such people. Websites like,, are sites you can sign up for. As a freelance writer, you can charge on this sites $5 for every 300 to 400 words article you write and make up to $25 for 1000 words of article you write. If you are good, people will always come back for more and you can get a massive contract to write a whole website content which you can charge nothing less than 500 to 1000 dollars. As freelancer writers, there are other things you can go into and make money which includes: editing of books, proofreading, reviewing books for other writers etc.

Write An E-Book

Like I said earlier, the era of people buying hard copy books is gradually fading away as everyone is going digital now. Most people prefer reading from their PC, Smartphone and tablet and you can tap into this by writing an eBook and selling it online. You might say how can I write an eBook but writing an eBook is very easy now a days. It is as easy as you picking a trending topic and writing extensively about it on Microsoft word and later save it as PDF, you can look for a graphic designer to create a cover page for you or if you like me that likes free stuffs you can head over to and select from their different template to create your own cover page and sell it to people online and make 100% profit. Or better still kindle which you can find on amazon is a great way to sell your eBooks on Amazon.

Here are other ways in which writes can make money which includes: Guest posting on other top blogs, copywriting, writing business plans for start-ups etc.

With this few points I have been able to lay down I believe every writer most especially those in Nigeria have what it takes to make money with this wonderful skill and be a boss on their own.

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